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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Activation of chloride secretion by isoflavone genistein in endometrial epithelial cellsDeachapunya C.; Poonyachoti S.
2005Barakol extracted from cassia siamea stimulates chloride secretion in rat colonDeachapunya C.; Poonyachoti S.; Thongsaard W.; Krishnamra N.
2005Barakol suppresses norepinephrine-induced inhibition of spontaneous longitudinal smooth muscle contractions in isolated rat small intestineDeachapunya C.; Thongsaard W.; Poonyachoti S.
1996Barakol: A potential anxiolytic extracted from Cassia siameaThongsaard W.; Deachapunya C.; Pongsakorn S.; Boyd E.A.; Bennett G.W.; Marsden C.A.
2009Behavioral effects of acute and chronic oral administration of barakol in rats.Deachapunya C.; Thongsaard W.
2023Differential innate immune response of endometrial cells to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus type 1 versus type 2Lothong M.; Rukarcheep D.; Wattanaphansak S.; Thammacharoen S.; Deachapunya C.; Poonyachoti S.; Srinakharinwirot University
2008Effects of pueraria mirifica, phytoestrogens and 17β-estradiol on growth and expression of ERα in primary culture of porcine endometrial epithelial cellsPoonyachoti S.; Kalandakanond-Thongsong S.; Deachapunya C.; Tuanudom R.
2001Epidermal growth factor regulates the transition from basal sodium absorption to anion secretion in cultured endometrial epithelial cellsDeachapunya C.; O'Grady S.M.
2021Hydroxyxanthone ameliorates IL1β-induced epithelial barrier disruption in colonic-like cells by down-regulation of p-MLC expressionChayalak W.; Deachapunya C.; Suksamran S.; Poonyachoti S.
2015Isoflavone genistein modulates the protein expression of toll-like receptors in cancerous human endometrial cellsBuathong N.; Poonyachoti S.; Deachapunya C.
2012Modulatory effects of phytoestrogens on the expression of Fas ligand and the release of cytochrome C in normal and cancerous endometrial cellsPoonyachoti S.; Deachapunya C.
2018P2Y receptor regulation of K2p channels that facilitate K + secretion by human mammary epithelial cellsSrisomboon Y.; Zaidman N.A.; Maniak P.J.; Deachapunya C.; O’Grady S.M.
2019Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) preferentially infected the apical surface of primary endometrial cell monolayerLothong M.; Wattanaphansak S.; Deachapunya C.; Poonyachoti S.
2022Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus induces tight junction barrier dysfunction and cell death in porcine glandular endometrial epithelial cellsRukarcheep D.; Lothong M.; Wattanaphansak S.; Deachapunya C.; Poonyachoti S.
2017Protective effect of quercetin on endometrial epithelial barrier disruption induced by bacterial endotoxinPoonyachoti S.; Deachapunya C.
2008Regulation of electrolyte transport across cultured endometrial epithelial cells by prolactinDeachapunya C.; Poonyachoti S.; Krishnamra N.
2012Site-specific regulation of ion transport by prolactin in rat colon epitheliumDeachapunya C.; Poonyachoti S.; Krishnamra N.
2017Soy isoflavones enhance β-defensin synthesis and secretion in endometrial epithelial cells with exposure to TLR3 agonist polyinosinic-polycytidylic acidSrisomboon Y.; Poonyachoti S.; Deachapunya C.
2015Soy isoflavones improves endometrial barrier through tight junction gene expressionKiatprasert P.; Deachapunya C.; Benjanirat C.; Poonyachoti S.
2002UTP-dependent inhibition of Na+ absorption requires activation of PKC in endometrial epithelial cellsPalmer-Densmore M.; Deachapunya C.; Kannan M.; O'Grady S.M.