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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1968A study of methods of teaching adults to read as developed for literacy campaigns by some member nations of unesco /Saroj Buasri
1981Graduate school bulletinSrinakharinwirot University
1981Specific heat of two-band superconductors with Anderson impuritiesYoksan, S.
1981Transition temperature of two-band superconductors with Anderson impuritiesYoksan, S.
1982Personal ImpressionsNdiaye, A.R; Renaud, B; Singkamanan, S; Waungana, E.
1982Transition temperature of proximity-effect sandwich systems containing Kondo impuritiesYoksan, S.
1983Birth weight, placental weight and gestation time in relation to natural selection in ThailandPromboon, S.; MI, M.P.; Chaturachinda, K.
1983Specific heat discontinuity of a proximity-effect sandwich system containing Kondo impuritiesYoksan, S.
1983Validity of Srinakharinwirot University Scholastic Aptitude TestsBoonruangrutana, S.
2011A study of foreign language learning anxiety of the first year students at Srinakharinwirot Universityจิราพร ภราดร์นุวัฒน์; Chaleosri Pibulchol; Somson Wongyounoi; Jiraporn Paranuwat
2011A comparative study on the writing styles of slave narratives by Frederick Douglass and Harriet Ann JacobsSupaporn Yimwilai; Rattana Klinjuy
2011Adolescent development of the main character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter SeriesSutassi Smuthkochorn; Supaporn Yimwilai; Siriwong Luasuk
2011A study of the effectiveness of the training kit on an integration of multiple intelligences in English language classroomsChaleosri Pibulchol; Somson Wongyounoi; Rajini Srikuruwal
2011An investigation of proficient grade 9 and grade 12 Thai students' English vocabulary learning strategiesSirinan Srinaowaratt; Pornpan U-Pitak
2012Effect of Wear Tests on Silicon Carbide Nanowires/Aluminium Metal Powder CompositesThanut Jintakosol; Supreya Kumfu; Pisith Singjai; Chumphol Busabok
2012A comparative study of the grammar - in - context approach and the grammar translation approach in tense usage of Thai ELF studentsPrapaipan Aimchoo; Somsak Kaewnuch; Proyfon Wongchaochan
2012A comparison of two Thai translated versions of the Novel a Little PrincessSirinan Srinaowaratt; Saiwaroon Chumpavan; Jantra Prompan
2012An investigation of English Independent and Integrated speaking tasks of Thai students studying in a master's program in EnglishSaiwaroon Chumpavan; Sirinan Srinaowaratt; Paweena Numpoon
2012-08-15ภาวะผู้นำคุณภาพของผู้บริหารโรงเรียนในเครือคณะภคินีพระหฤทัยของพระเยซูเจ้าแห่งกรุงเทพฯสมชาย เทพแสง; รัชนี ตระกูลเง็ก
2012-08-15การจัดทำคู่มือจัดกิจกรรมพัฒนาความมีวินัยของนักเรียนชั้นประถมศึกษาปีที่ 6 โรงเรียนสารสาส์นวิเทศบางบอนพวงรัตน์ เกษรแพทย์; นันท์มนัส รอดทัศนา