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Title: Validity of Srinakharinwirot University Scholastic Aptitude Tests
Authors: Boonruangrutana S.
Issue Date: 1983
Abstract: The study explored the validity of a battery of scholastic aptitude tests of Srinakharinwirot University in predicting grade point averages (GPAs) of students in natural science and social science programs. The tests provided measures of (1) verbal ability (2) numerical ability and (3) reasoning ability which included subtests involving (a) classification (b) inference, and (c) association. The samples consisted of 82 natural science and 212 social science students. The multiple correlation between each of 7 GPA measures and a weighted composite of 5 aptitude tests for 82 students in a natural science program varied between. 32 and. 48. The most valid predictor for this group was the classification subtest. For the 212 students in the social science program, the corresponding multiple correlations ranged between. 14 and. 33. The most valid predictor for this group was the verbal ability test. © 1983, Sage Publications. All rights reserved.
ISSN: 131644
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