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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Thai translation and cross-cultural adaptation of the Spinal Cord Injury Falls Concern Scale (SCI-FCS)Pramodhyakul N.; Pramodhyakul W.
2019Pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor, lymphoma, and squamous cell carcinoma of hypopharynx; A case report of three primary cancers in one patientTangsirapat V.; Wongta K.; Chakrapan Na Ayudhya K.; Chakrapan Na Ayudhya V.; Sookpotarom P.
2021Assessment of side effects after serial intralesional steroid injections for idiopathic subglottic stenosisCelebi O.O.; Song S.A.; Santeerapharp A.; Choksawad K.; Franco R.A.; Jr.
2019The association of glycated hemoglobin with mortality and ESKD among persons with diabetes and chronic kidney diseaseLimkunakul C.; de Boer I.H.; Kestenbaum B.R.; Himmelfarb J.; Ikizler T.A.; Robinson-Cohen C.
2020Pregnancies after Childhood Craniopharyngioma: Results of KRANIOPHARYNGEOM 2000/2007 and Review of the LiteratureSowithayasakul P.; Boekhoff S.; Bison B.; Müller H.L.
2020The acromion in supraspinatus outlet and Rockwood caudal tilt views from three-dimensional computed tomography scan of the shoulderApivatgaroon A.; Tharakulphan S.; Kongmalai P.; Chernchujit B.
2018Does combining elastic and weight resistance acutely protect against the impairment of flow-mediated dilatation in untrained men?Paditsaeree K.; Mitranun W.
2019Event free survival at 24 months is a strong surrogate prognostic endpoint of peripheral T cell lymphomaWudhikarn K.; Bunworasate U.; Julamanee J.; Lekhakula A.; Ekwattanakit S.; Khuhapinant A.; Niparuck P.; Chuncharunee S.; Numbenjapon T.; Prayongratana K.; Kanitsap N.; Wongkhantee S.; Makruasri N.; Wong P.; Norasetthada L.; Nawarawong W.; Sirijerachai C.; Chansung K.; Suwanban T.; Praditsuktavorn P.; Intragumtornchai T.; on behalf of Thai Lymphoma Study Group
2019Vessel tortuosity cutoff values using the modified Roptool may predict need for treatment in retinopathy of prematurityLertjirachai I.; Stem M.S.; Moysidis S.N.; Koulisis N.; Capone A.; Jr.; Drenser K.A.; Trese M.T.
2020Characteristics of Voluntary-induced Stepping Response in Persons with Stroke compared with those of healthy Young and Older AdultsChayasit P.; Hollands K.; Hollands M.; Boonsinsukh R.