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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Development of a microfluidic membraneless vaporization flow system for trace analysis of arsenicRatanawimarnwong N.; Ruckchang P.; Yooram S.; Songsrirote K.; Uraisin K.; Cerdà V.
2011Direct injection of human serum and pharmaceutical formulations for glucosamine determination by CE-C 4D methodChaisuwan P.; Kongprasertsak T.; Sangcakul A.; Smith N.W.; Nachapricha D.; Wilairat P.; Uraisin K.
2020Dual-Purpose Photometric-Conductivity Detector for Simultaneous and Sequential Measurements in Flow AnalysisMantim T.; Chaisiwamongkhol K.; Uraisin K.; Hauser P.C.; Wilairat P.; Nacapricha D.
2017Green analytical flow method for the determination of total sulfite in wine using membraneless gas-liquid separation with contactless conductivity detectionChantipmanee N.; Alahmad W.; Sonsa-Ard T.; Uraisin K.; Ratanawimarnwong N.; Mantim T.; Nacapricha D.
2018Green analytical method for simultaneous determination of salinity, carbonate and ammoniacal nitrogen in waters using flow injection coupled dual-channel C4DChaneam S.; Inpota P.; Saisarai S.; Wilairat P.; Ratanawimarnwong N.; Uraisin K.; Meesiri W.; Nacapricha D.
2018Microfluidic paper-based analytical device for quantification of lead using reaction band-length for identification of bullet hole and its potential for estimating firing distanceBuking S.; Saetear P.; Tiyapongpattana W.; Uraisin K.; Wilairat P.; Nacapricha D.; Ratanawimarnwong N.
2012Reagent-free analytical flow methods for the soft drink industry: Efforts for environmentally friendly chemical analysisMantim T.; Saetear P.; Teerasong S.; Chan-Eam S.; Sereenonchai K.; Amornthammarong N.; Ratanawimarnwong N.; Wilairat P.; Meesiri W.; Uraisin K.; Nacapricha D.
2021Simple gunshot residue analyses for estimating firing distance: Investigation with four types of fabricsWongpakdee T.; Buking S.; Ratanawimarnwong N.; Saetear P.; Uraisin K.; Wilairat P.; Tiyapongpattana W.; Nacapricha D.
2015Simple in-house flow-injection capillary electrophoresis with capacitively coupled contactless conductivity method for the determination of colistinChaisuwan P.; Moonta T.; Sangcakul A.; Nacapricha D.; Wilairat P.; Uraisin K.
2019Simultaneous determination of ethanol and total sulfite in white wine using on-line cone reservoirs membraneless gas-liquid separation flow systemKraikaew P.; Pluangklang T.; Ratanawimarnwong N.; Uraisin K.; Wilairat P.; Mantim T.; Nacapricha D.