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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A Method of Thai Main Dish and Soup Classification by Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix AlgorithmNeampradit P.; Charoenpong T.; Sueaseenak D.; Sukjamsri C.
2017A performance of modern gesture control device with application in pattern classificationSueaseenak D.; Khawdee C.; Pakornsirikul N.; Sukjamsri C.
2021A Wireless Ground Reaction Force Measurement Device Using Force SensorSuksupaet B.; Senavongse W.; Ritthiwat W.; Sueaseenak D.
2016Accelerometer-based angle measurement system with application in hospital bedSueaseenak D.; Namjirachot N.; Sukkit K.
2013An accurate forearm EMG signal classification method using two-channel electrodeSueaseenak D.; Chanwimalueang T.; Pintavirooj C.; Sangworasil M.
2021An ArduinoBLE based digital holter for Thai ambulatory and personal healthcareThongklang A.; Thongnawakun P.; Chanwimalueang T.; Rattanajaruskul N.; Sueaseenak D.
2009An eigen based feature on time-frequency representation of EMGSueaseenak D.; Praliwanon C.; Sangworasil M.; Chanwimalueang T.; Pintavirooj C.
2008Comparison study of muscular-contraction classification between independent component analysis and artificial neural networkSueaseenak D.; Wibirama S.; Chanwimalueang T.; Pintavirooj C.; Sangworasil M.
2016Denoising of electrocardiogram measurement system based on statistical signal processingSueaseenak D.
2019Development of arrhythmia classification system for personal cardiac monitor in thailandSueaseenak D.; Thongpraiwan M.; Dangjaipong N.; Roopkaew N.
2020Development of Personal Heart Healthcare System to Promote a Wellness of Thai PeopleSueaseenak D.; Thongnawakun P.; Thongklang A.; Pinkaraket C.; Rattanajaruskul N.; Roongsangmanoon W.
2020Disconnected et Tube Detection System in Pressure-cycled VentilatorSueaseenak D.; Duangsasidhorn B.; Prompakorn M.; Taweerutchana R.; Tulatamakit S.; Sanpinich A.
2007Independent component analysis: An application for muscular contraction classificationDaochai S.; Sueaseenak D.; Chanwimalueang T.; Laoopugsin N.; Pintavirooj C.
2017Optimal placement of multi-channels sEMG electrod for finger movement classificationSueaseenak D.; Uburi T.; Tirasuwannarat P.
2008Robotic arm controller using muscular contraction classification based on independent component analysisChanwimalueang T.; Sueaseenak D.; Laoopugsin N.; Pintavirooj C.
2019Stress classification system for intelligent wheelchairSueaseenak D.; Apichontivong P.; Sripitak P.; Sukplang S.
2020Study of drowsiness from simple physiological signals testing: A signal processing perspectiveAeimpreeda N.; Sukaimod P.; Khongsabai P.; Thothong C.; Sueaseenak D.
2017The development of biosignal processing system (BPS-SWU V1.0) for learning and research in biomedical engineeringKoeipensri T.; Boonchoo P.; Sueaseenak D.
2017The optimal algorithm of sub-symptom threshold exercise training for aural habilitation/rehabilitationSueaseenak D.; Sangsai P.; Detyong P.