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Title: Development of Personal Heart Healthcare System to Promote a Wellness of Thai People
Authors: Sueaseenak D.
Thongnawakun P.
Thongklang A.
Pinkaraket C.
Rattanajaruskul N.
Roongsangmanoon W.
Keywords: mHealth
Signal processing
Cardio-vascular disease
Correlation coefficient
Frequency Analysis
Health and wellness
Health-care system
Signal processing systems
Similarity measurements
World Health Organization
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: Health and wellness are important for people. The report of the world health organization (WHO), cardiovascular diseases are the main course which lead human to death. The electrocardiography (ECG) is used to diagnose normal and abnormal heart. In this research, the personal heart healthcare system was proposed to use the ECG signal. The system consists of ECG measurement and the signal processing system by using a commercial-grade module. In our project, the transmission of ECG signals uses Bluetooth in Android smartphones with applications in real-time. To investigate and evaluate the performance of our purposed system, we use a well-known method such as similarity measurement technique, frequency analysis, and latency. From experiment, the results show that correlation coefficients are 0.99. Furthermore, the frequency content of normal ECG is 0.5 Hz - 40 Hz. As result, our system can be used effectively in a real application in the future. In addition, the result is very promising. © 2020 IEEE.
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