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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Effect of incubation temperature on lactogenic function of goat milk-derived mammary epithelial cellsSaipin N.; Thuwanut P.; Thammacharoen S.; Rungsiwiwut R.
2019Generation of two human iPSC lines (MDCUi001-A and MDCUi001-B) from dermal fibroblasts of a Thai patient with X-linked osteogenesis imperfecta using integration-free Sendai virusTongkobpetch S.; Rungsiwiwut R.; Pruksananonda K.; Suphapeetiporn K.; Shotelersuk V.
2018Goat milk: Non-invasive source for mammary epithelial cell isolation and in vitro cultureSaipin N.; Noophun J.; Chumyim P.; Rungsiwiwut R.
2020High ambient temperature directly decreases milk synthesis in the mammary gland in Saanen goatsSaipin N.; Semsirmboon S.; Rungsiwiwut R.; Thammacharoen S.
2020Human Caesarean scar-derived feeder cells: A novel feeder cell type for culturing human pluripotent stem cells without exogenous basic fibroblast growth factor supplementationPavarajarn W.; Pavarajarn W.; Rungsiwiwut R.; Numchaisrika P.; Virutamasen P.; Pruksananonda K.
2021Mesenchymal stem cells for restoring endometrial function: An infertility perspectiveRungsiwiwut R.; Virutamasen P.; Pruksananonda K.
2018Modulated expression of the HIV-1 2LTR zinc finger efficiently interferes with the HIV integration processMoonmuang S.; Saoin S.; Chupradit K.; Sakkhachornphop S.; Israsena N.; Rungsiwiwut R.; Tayapiwatana C.
2018Optimisation of electroporation and lipofection protocols to derive the black tiger shrimp cell line (Penaeus monodon)Thansa K.; Rungsiwiwut R.; Kitiyanant N.; Taengchaiyaphum S.