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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A new species of Cyrtodactylus Gray (Squamata; Gekkonidae) from the Thai Highlands with a discussion on the evolution of habitat preferenceGrismer L.L.; Rujirawan A.; Termprayoon K.; Ampai N.; Yodthong S.; Wood P.L.; Jr.; Oaks J.R.; Aowphol A.
2021Assessment of side effects after serial intralesional steroid injections for idiopathic subglottic stenosisCelebi O.O.; Song S.A.; Santeerapharp A.; Choksawad K.; Franco R.A.; Jr.
2019Correlating Changes in the Macular Microvasculature and Capillary Network to Peripheral Vascular Pathologic Features in Familial Exudative VitreoretinopathyKoulisis N.; Moysidis S.N.; Yonekawa Y.; Dai Y.L.; Burkemper B.; Wood E.H.; Lertjirachai I.; Todorich B.; Khundkar T.Z.; Chu Z.; Wang R.K.; Williams G.A.; Drenser K.A.; Capone A.; Jr.; Trese M.T.; Nudleman E.
2019Happiness, perceived stress, psychological well-being, and health behaviors of thai university students: preliminary results from a multinational study on well-beingCalderon R.; Jr.; Pupanead S.; Prachakul W.; Kim G.
2020Integrative taxonomy of the rock-dwelling gecko cnemaspis siamensis complex (Squamata, gekkonidae) reveals a new species from Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Southern ThailandAmpai N.; Wood P.L.; Jr.; Stuart B.L.; Aowphol A.
2020The Effectiveness of Nortriptyline and Tolerability of Side Effects in Neurogenic Cough PatientsSong S.A.; Choksawad K.; Franco R.A.; Jr.
2019The Natural History of Congenital X-Linked Retinoschisis and Conversion between Phenotypes over TimeWood E.H.; Lertjirachai I.; Ghiam B.K.; Koulisis N.; Moysidis S.N.; Dirani A.; Drenser K.A.; Capone A.; Jr.; Trese M.T.
2019Vessel tortuosity cutoff values using the modified Roptool may predict need for treatment in retinopathy of prematurityLertjirachai I.; Stem M.S.; Moysidis S.N.; Koulisis N.; Capone A.; Jr.; Drenser K.A.; Trese M.T.