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Title: Proteomic profiling reveals neuronal ion channel dysregulation and cellular responses to DNA damage-induced cell cycle arrest and senescence in human neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells exposed to cypermethrin
Authors: Promthep K.
Nopparat C.
Mukda S.
Pannengpetch S.
Wisomka P.
Chantadul V.
Phanchana M.
Panmanee J.
Keywords: Apoptosis
Cell cycle
Sodium channel
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Elsevier B.V.
Abstract: Cypermethrin (CYP), a synthetic pyrethroid of class II, is widely used as a pesticide worldwide. The primary target of cypermethrin is a voltage-gated sodium channel. The neurotoxicity of CYP has been extensively studied in terms of affecting neuronal development, increasing cellular oxidative stress, and apoptosis. However, little is known about how it affects the expression of channel proteins involved in synaptic transmission, as well as the effects of cypermethrin on DNA damage and cell cycle processes. We found that the ligand and voltage-gated calcium channels and proteins involved in synaptic transmission including NMDA 1 receptor subunit, alpha 1A-voltage-dependent calcium channel, synaptotagmin-17, and synaptojanin-2 were downregulated in CYP-treated cells. After 48 h of CYP exposure, cell viability was reduced with flattened and enlarged morphology. The levels of 23 proteins regulating cell cycle processes were altered in CYP-treated cells, according to a proteomic study. The cell cycle analysis showed elevated G0/G1 cell cycle arrest and DNA fragmentation at the sub-G0 stage after CYP exposure. CYP treatment also increased senescence-associated β-galactosidase positive cells, DNA damage, and apoptotic markers. Taken together, the current study showed that cypermethrin exposure caused DNA damage and hastened cellular senescence and apoptosis via disrupting cell cycle regulation. In addition, despite its primary target sodium channel, CYP might cause synaptic dysfunction via the downregulation of synaptic proteins and dysregulation of synapse-associated ion channels. © 2022 Elsevier B.V.
ISSN: 0161813X
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