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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A new ent-abietane lactone from Glycosmis pentaphyllaChokchaisiri S.; Apiratikul N.; Rukachaisirikul T.
2020Delirium in internal medicine patients evaluated using the Thai confusion assessment method for ICUMethawasin K.; Kongsakorn P.; Kongsakorn N.; Chonmaitree P.; Roongsangmanoon W.; Sangpanich A.; Lee B.; Ruchakorn N.; Charonpongsuntorn C.; Petborom P.
2020High prevalence of hyperuricemia and lack of association with rs2280205 and rs6820230 alleles of the slc2a9 gene in urban bangkok, thailandWannaiampikul S.; Sangsawangchot P.; Tanunyutthawongse C.
2020Prevalence of depression among university students in low and middle income countries (LMICs): a systematic review and meta-analysisAkhtar P.; Ma L.; Waqas A.; Naveed S.; Li Y.; Rahman A.; Wang Y.
2020Regulation of vitamin D system in skeletal muscle and resident myogenic stem cell during development, maturation, and ageingSrikuea R.; Hirunsai M.; Charoenphandhu N.
2020Recurrent low-grade endometrial stromal sarcoma presenting as isolated pedunculated vaginal cuff polypTantitamit T.; Chang S.-H.; Huang K.-G.
2021Odontogenic keratocyst and ameloblastoma: radiographic evaluationKitisubkanchana J.; Reduwan N.H.; Poomsawat S.; Pornprasertsuk-Damrongsri S.; Wongchuensoontorn C.
2020Stability, permeation, and cytotoxicity reduction of capsicum extract nanoparticles loaded hydrogel containing wax gourd extractChittasupho C.; Thongnopkoon T.; Burapapisut S.; Charoensukkho C.; Shuwisitkul D.; Samee W.
2021Perspectives of parents regarding sexual and reproductive health in early adolescents: A qualitative descriptive studySanghirun K.; Fongkaew W.; Viseskul N.; Lirtmunlikaporn S.
2020Efficacy of zinc supplementation in the management of acute diarrhoea: a randomised controlled trialRerksuppaphol L.; Rerksuppaphol S.