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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Laparoscopic management of 53 cases of cornual ectopic pregnancyNg S.; Hamontri S.; Chua I.; Chern B.; Siow A.
2006Hydroxyurea responses and fetal hemoglobin induction in β-thalassemia/HbE patients' peripheral blood erythroid cell cultureWatanapokasin R.; Sanmund D.; Winichagoon P.; Muta K.; Fucharoen S.
2006Dopamine transporter immunoreactive terminals in the bovine pineal glandPhansuwan-Pujito P.; Boontem P.; Chetsawang B.; Ebadi M.; Govitrapong P.
2006Effects of Pueraria mirifica, an herb containing phytoestrogens, on reproductive organs and fertility of adult male miceJaroenporn S.; Malaivijitnond S.; Wattanasirmkit K.; Trisomboon H.; Watanabe G.; Taya K.; Cherdshewasart W.
2008Molecular isolation and characterization of a novel occlusion body protein gene from Penaeus monodon nucleopolyhedrovirusChaivisuthangkura P.; Tawilert C.; Tejangkura T.; Rukpratanporn S.; Longyant S.; Sithigorngul W.; Sithigorngul P.
2008Estrogen enhances the number of nigral dopaminergic neurons of adult male mice without affecting nigral neuroglial number and morphologyTripanichkul W.; Jaroensuppaperch E.-o.; Finkelstein D.I.
2005Screening of antioxidants from medicinal plants for cardioprotective effect against doxorubicin toxicityWattanapitayakul S.K.; Chularojmontri L.; Herunsalee A.; Charuchongkolwongse S.; Niumsakul S.; Bauer J.A.
2001Three more novel FMRFamide-like neuropeptide sequences from the eyestalk of the giant freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergiiSithigorngul P.; Saraithongkum W.; Longyant S.; Panchan N.; Sithigorngul W.; Petsom A.
2001Pre-arterialisation of the arterialised venous flap: An experimental study in the ratWungcharoen B.; Santidhananon Y.; Chongchet V.; Pradidarcheep W.
2000Seizure threshold rise during electroconvulsive therapy in schizophrenic patientsChanpattana W.; Buppanharun W.; Raksakietisak S.; Somchai Chakrabhand M.L.