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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Plantar fascia release and calcaneal spur excision for sub-calcaneal heel pain.Torudom Y.
2009Blindness after facial contour augmentation with injectable silicone.Tangsirichaipong A.
2009Successful treatment in a child with feeding problems and growth failure.Benjasuwantep B.
2009Bilateral sudden sensorineural hearing loss following unilateral temporal bone fracture.Hunchaisri N.
2009Behavioral effects of acute and chronic oral administration of barakol in rats.Deachapunya C.; Thongsaard W.
2021The effectiveness of the health promotion program for the development of elderly health literacy and quality of life in the princess maha chakri sirindhorn medical center’s area of responsibilityVisuttranukul A.; Panyasaisophon T.; Visuttipukdee K.; Thamrongworakun P.; Chanpleng P.
2021Anatomy of Cowper’s gland in humans suggesting a secretion and emission mechanism facilitated by cooperation of striated and smooth musclesMuro S.; Suriyut J.; Akita K.
2022Economic development and construction safety research: A bibliometrics approachLuo F.; Li R.Y.M.; Crabbe M.J.C.; Pu R.
2022Establishment of national diagnostic reference levels for percutaneous coronary interventions (PCIs) in ThailandSrimahachota S.; Krisanachinda A.; Roongsangmanoon W.; Sansanayudh N.; Limpijankit T.; Chandavimol M.; Athisakul S.; Siriyotha S.; Rehani M.M.
2022Effect of 12 Weeks Modified "Dantien-Salee" Yoga Training on Pulmonary Function, Functional Fitness, and Quality of Life in Elderly ThaiPhantayuth D.; Chuaychoo B.; Supaporn S.; Nana A.