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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Site-specific regulation of ion transport by prolactin in rat colon epitheliumDeachapunya C.; Poonyachoti S.; Krishnamra N.
2017Soy isoflavones enhance β-defensin synthesis and secretion in endometrial epithelial cells with exposure to TLR3 agonist polyinosinic-polycytidylic acidSrisomboon Y.; Poonyachoti S.; Deachapunya C.
2018Trunk motion visual feedback during walking improves dynamic balance in older adults: Assessor blinded randomized controlled trialAnson E.; Ma L.; Meetam T.; Thompson E.; Rathore R.; Dean V.; Jeka J.
2017Molecular confirmation of trematodes in the snail intermediate hosts from Ratchaburi Province, ThailandAnucherngchai S.; Tejangkura T.; Chontananarth T.
2019Encapsulation of monomyristin into polymeric nanoparticles improved its in vitro antiproliferative activity against cervical cancer cellsBoondireke S.; Léonard M.; Durand A.; Thanomsub Wongsatayanon B.
2010Neuroprotective effects and mechanism of cognitive-enhancing choline analogs JWB 1-84-1 and JAY 2-22-33 in neuronal culture and Caenorhabditis elegansKeowkase R.; Aboukhatwa M.; Adam B.-L.; Beach J.W.; Terry Jr. A.V.; Buccafussco J.J.; Luo Y.
2005Ziziphine N, O, P and Q, new antiplasmodial cyclopeptide alkaloids from Ziziphus oenoplia var. brunonianaSuksamrarn S.; Suwannapoch N.; Aunchai N.; Kuno M.; Ratananukul P.; Haritakun R.; Jansakul C.; Ruchirawat S.
2012Chemical composition, antioxidant and anticancer effects of the seeds and leaves of indigo (Polygonum tinctorium Ait.) plantJang H.-G.; Heo B.-G.; Park Y.S.; Namiesnik J.; Barasch D.; Katrich E.; Vearasilp K.; Trakhtenberg S.; Gorinstein S.
2019Effectiveness of the Prevent Injury Enhance Performance (PEP) training program in reducing injury incidence rates among adolescent female SEPAK takraw players: A randomised controlled trialYarsiasat J.; Sumannont S.; Manimmanakorn N.; Srilamarth S.
2019Reference intervals for serum cystatin C in the second and third trimester of Thai pregnant womenKitporntheranunt M.; Manolertthewan W.