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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Site-specific regulation of ion transport by prolactin in rat colon epitheliumDeachapunya C.; Poonyachoti S.; Krishnamra N.
2012Drug errors from the Thai anesthesia incidents monitoring study: Analysis of 1,996 incident reportsCharuluxananan S.; Sriraj W.; Lapisatepun W.; Kusumaphanyo C.; Ittichaikulthol W.; Suratsunya T.
2002Monoclonal antibodies specific to yellow-head virus (YHV) of Penaeus monodonSithigorngul P.; Rukpratanporn S.; Longyant S.; Chaivisuthangkura P.; Sithigorngul W.; Menasveta P.
2011The development of loop-mediated isothermal amplification combined with lateral flow dipstick for detection of Vibrio parahaemolyticusPrompamorn P.; Sithigorngul P.; Rukpratanporn S.; Longyant S.; Sridulyakul P.; Chaivisuthangkura P.
2008Maternal chickenpox in peripartum period: A case report and reviewPattanasuttinont S.
2011Effectiveness of 0.1% topical tacrolimus in adult and children patients with vitiligoUdompataikul M.; Boonsupthip P.; Siriwattanagate R.
2005Corymine potentiates NMDA-induced currents in Xenopus oocytes expressing NR1a/NR2B glutamate receptorsLeewanich P.; Tohda M.; Takayama H.; Sophasan S.; Watanabe H.; Matsumoto K.
2014Dose of hemodialysis and survival: A marginal structural model analysisLertdumrongluk P.; Streja E.; Rhee C.M.; Park J.; Arah O.A.; Brunelli S.M.; Nissenson A.R.; Gillen D.; Kalantar-Zadeh K.
2010Neuroprotective effects and mechanism of cognitive-enhancing choline analogs JWB 1-84-1 and JAY 2-22-33 in neuronal culture and Caenorhabditis elegansKeowkase R.; Aboukhatwa M.; Adam B.-L.; Beach J.W.; Terry Jr. A.V.; Buccafussco J.J.; Luo Y.
2005Ziziphine N, O, P and Q, new antiplasmodial cyclopeptide alkaloids from Ziziphus oenoplia var. brunonianaSuksamrarn S.; Suwannapoch N.; Aunchai N.; Kuno M.; Ratananukul P.; Haritakun R.; Jansakul C.; Ruchirawat S.