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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Appraisal of strengthening cost for increasing flexural strength of reinforced concrete slab bridges in ThailandSuparp S.; Joyklad P.
2014Effects of increasing truck weight limits on highway bridges in ThailandSuparp S.; Joyklad P.
2019Performance of cement clay interlocking hollow brick masonry walls subjected to diagonal compressionJoyklad P.; Hussain Q.
2021Strength enhancement of interlocking hollow brick masonry walls with low-cost mortar and wire meshJoyklad P.; Ali N.; Rashid M.U.; Hussain Q.; Magbool H.M.; Elnemr A.; Chaiyasarn K.
2021Experimental study of the load-deformation behaviour of the precast post-tensioned continuous girder for straddle monorail: Full-scale load test under service and ultimate loading conditionsSirisonthi A.; Suparp S.; Joyklad P.; Hussain Q.; Julphunthong P.
2020Effects of different truck loads on behaviour of bridges - A comparative analysisSuparp S.; Joyklad P.
2021Potential use of recycled plastic and rubber aggregate in cementitious materials for sustainable construction: A reviewAlyousef R.; Ahmad W.; Ahmad A.; Aslam F.; Joyklad P.; Alabduljabbar H.
2021Sustainable approach of using sugarcane bagasse ash in cement-based composites: A systematic reviewAhmad W.; Ahmad A.; Ostrowski K.A.; Aslam F.; Joyklad P.; Zajdel P.
2021Experimental study on the out-of-plane behavior of brick masonry walls strengthened with mortar and wire mesh: A pioneer studyJoyklad P.; Ali N.; Verre S.; Magbool H.M.; Elnemr A.; Qureshi M.I.; Hussain Q.; Chaiyasarn K.
2018Investigation of gamma ray shielding and compressive strength of concrete containing barite and ferrophosphorousJulphunthong P.; Joyklad P.