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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Results from Thailand's 2016 report card on physical activity for children and youthAmornsriwatanakul A.; Nakornkhet K.; Katewongsa P.; Choosakul C.; Kaewmanee T.; Konharn K.; Purakom A.; Santiworakul A.; Sitilertpisan P.; Sriramatr S.; Yankai A.; Rosenberg M.; Bull F.C.
2008Maternal chickenpox in peripartum period: A case report and reviewPattanasuttinont S.
2018Trunk motion visual feedback during walking improves dynamic balance in older adults: Assessor blinded randomized controlled trialAnson E.; Ma L.; Meetam T.; Thompson E.; Rathore R.; Dean V.; Jeka J.
2011Effectiveness of 0.1% topical tacrolimus in adult and children patients with vitiligoUdompataikul M.; Boonsupthip P.; Siriwattanagate R.
2019Encapsulation of monomyristin into polymeric nanoparticles improved its in vitro antiproliferative activity against cervical cancer cellsBoondireke S.; Léonard M.; Durand A.; Thanomsub Wongsatayanon B.
2014Dose of hemodialysis and survival: A marginal structural model analysisLertdumrongluk P.; Streja E.; Rhee C.M.; Park J.; Arah O.A.; Brunelli S.M.; Nissenson A.R.; Gillen D.; Kalantar-Zadeh K.
2019Clear cell papulosis: Dermatoscopic findings and literature reviewLeerunyakul K.; Kanokrungsee S.; Rutnin S.
2012Chemical composition, antioxidant and anticancer effects of the seeds and leaves of indigo (Polygonum tinctorium Ait.) plantJang H.-G.; Heo B.-G.; Park Y.S.; Namiesnik J.; Barasch D.; Katrich E.; Vearasilp K.; Trakhtenberg S.; Gorinstein S.
2021Effect of tomato, lycopene and related products on blood pressure: A systematic review and network meta-analysisRattanavipanon W.; Nithiphongwarakul C.; Sirisuwansith P.; Chaiyasothi T.; Thakkinstian A.; Nathisuwan S.; Pathomwichaiwat T.
2010The thai anesthesia incident monitoring study (thai aims): An analysis of perioperative complication in geriatric patientsTuchinda L.; Sukchareon I.; Kusumaphanyo C.; Suratsunya T.; Hintong T.; Thienthong S.