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Title: Quality control of gasohol using a micro-unit for membraneless gas diffusion
Authors: Muncharoen S.
Sitanurak J.
Tiyapongpattana W.
Choengchan N.
Ratanawimarnwong N.
Motomizu S.
Wilairat P.
Nacapricha D.
Keywords: Ethanol
Membraneless gas diffusion
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: This work describes the development of a new spectrophotometric flow technique suitable for monitoring of ethanol content in gasohol fuel. Membraneless gas-diffusion (MBL-GD) was applied with one-step aqueous extraction of gasohol (1:2 gasohol/water). Segments of aqueous extract and color developing reagent were allowed to flow into two separate channels in the MBL-GD device. Inside the device, ethanol vapor can diffuse across a small headspace between the two channels (donor and acceptor). Introduction of an air-segment behind the zone of acceptor reagent to stop dispersion of the colored zone greatly improves the rapidity of analysis using this MBL-GD technique. Two methods were developed for quality control of gasohol by measuring ethanol content. Method I is suitable for direct calibration of E5 and E10. Method II is recommended for E20. These methods have high accuracy with good precision (% RSD: 1 to 4.9, n=45) and have a sample throughput of 26 samples per hour. E10 samples were compared with analysis using a standard GC method. © 2008 Springer-Verlag.
ISSN: 263672
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