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Title: Neuroprotective effect of Spilanthes acmella Murr. on pesticide-induced neuronal cells death
Authors: Suwanjang W.
Khongniam B.
Srisung S.
Prachayasittikul S.
Prachayasittikul V.
Keywords: calcium
hydrogen peroxide
neuroprotective agent
plant extract
Spilanthes acmella extract
unclassified drug
calcium homeostasis
cell viability
controlled study
dopaminergic nerve cell
drug effect
drug mechanism
human cell
medicinal plant
nerve cell necrosis
protein expression
Spilanthes acmella
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Objective To investigate protective effects of Spilanthes acmella (S. acmella) Murr. extracts against pesticide-induced neuronal cells death and to elucidate the underlying molecular mechanism in dopaminergic (SH-SY5Y) cells lines. Methods Cell viability of SH-SY5Y cells was studied by treating the cells with various concentration of pirimicarb for 24 h. Neuroprotective effect of S. acmella Murr. extracts was investigated by adding the plant extracts to the medium for 24 h prior to the incubation with 100 μM H2O2 or with pirimicarb for 24 h. Control-untreated cells were incubated with the culture medium. Cell viability was measured by MTT assay, calpain and calpastatin expressions were analyzed by Western blotting and immunocytochemistry. Results Pretreatment of SH-SY5Y cells with S. acmella Murr. extracts (1 μg/mL) for 24 h significantly increased the dopaminergic neurons in pirimicarb-induced neurotoxicity. In addition, pretreatment with the S. acmella Murr. extracts led to decreased calpain but increased calpastatin protein levels. Conclusion S. acmella Murr. extracts exerted neuroprotective effect, via an alteration of calcium homeostasis, against pirimicarb induced neurotoxicity. The S. acmella Murr. might be a potential natural candidate with neuroprotective activity. © 2017 Hainan Medical University
ISSN: 19957645
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