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Title: Study on thermal performance of cold plate unit with micro-channel for supercomputer cooling
Authors: Wiriyasart S.
Naphon P.
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: Numerical analysis on the heat transfer characteristics and fluid dynamic of the cold plate with micro-channel for cooling high heat fluxes of the supercomputer are investigated. A three-dimensional turbulent flow model is applied to analyze the heat transfer and flow characteristics of the problem under transient condition. The numerical study is performed based on the real operating condition of supercomputer which generated heat of 100 Watts. The temperature distributions inside the cold plate are presented and compare with Matsuda’s experiment. The predicted results are carried out and fairly good agreement is obtained with the measured data with the majority of the data within ± 0.90%, ± 2.17% of the measured data for the cold plate temperature and thermal resistance, respectively. © 2018 Pushpa Publishing House, Allahabad, India.
ISSN: 9735763
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