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Title: Positive correlation betwen self efficacy and health promoting lifestyle behavior of students of nursing department of jenderal soedirman university
Authors: Rahayu E.
Setiyani R.
Sumarwati M.
Kusumawardani L.H.
Keywords: adult
controlled study
cross-sectional study
data analysis
human experiment
human relation
Kruskal Wallis test
major clinical study
nursing student
physical activity
rank sum test
self concept
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: Background: Nursing students are prospective professional nurses. They shall be able to implement health promoting lifestyle behavior to achieve welfare and be a role mode in health promotion to the community. Self-efficacy is a factor affecting hygiene and health promoting lifestyle behavior. Purpose: This study aimed to identify the relationship between self-efficacy and health promoting liifestyle behavior of students of Nursing Department, Jenderal Soedirman University. Method: The research method was cross sectional study. A total of 267 Nursing students of Jenderal Soedirman University were involved in this study. Data analysis used the Mann Whitney test and the Kruskal Wallis test. Result: The results indicated that the median score of HPLP II in all domains was 2.58. Significant positive correlation was found between self-efficacy variable and total score of HPLP II and all its sub-domains. There was a significant difference in the domains of physical activity and interpersonal relationship between male and female students. 46.7% of variations in health promoting lifestyle behavior can be explained by self-efficacy. The highest β coefficient was achieved by self-efficacy (0.642). Conclusion: Intervention is needed to improve students' health promoting lifestyle behavior by emphasizing on the increasing self-efficacy. © 2019 Annals of Tropical Medicine & Public Health.
ISSN: 17556783
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