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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A comparative study of physical properties of gic containing B-monocalcium silicate to mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA)Jaruma Sakdee; Punnama Siriphannon; Sirijit Pothiraksanont
2013A comparative study of the balanced literacy approach and the code emphasis approach to enhance phonemic awareness of English of first-grade studentsUsaporn Sucaromana; Sirinan Srinaowaratt; Sarunya Tarat
2012A comparative study of the grammar - in - context approach and the grammar translation approach in tense usage of Thai ELF studentsPrapaipan Aimchoo; Somsak Kaewnuch; Proyfon Wongchaochan
2011A comparative study on the writing styles of slave narratives by Frederick Douglass and Harriet Ann JacobsSupaporn Yimwilai; Rattana Klinjuy
2012A comparison of two Thai translated versions of the Novel a Little PrincessSirinan Srinaowaratt; Saiwaroon Chumpavan; Jantra Prompan
2011A study of foreign language learning anxiety of the first year students at Srinakharinwirot Universityจิราพร ภราดร์นุวัฒน์; Chaleosri Pibulchol; Somson Wongyounoi; Jiraporn Paranuwat
1968A study of methods of teaching adults to read as developed for literacy campaigns by some member nations of unesco /Saroj Buasri
2013A study of teachers perceptions toward using English textbooks : a case study of 10th grade English teachers in Maha Sarakham ProvinceAnchalee Jansem; Ladaporn Srakang
2013A study of the effectiveness of storytelling-based instruction to enhance english listening and speaking of sixth grade studentsWalaiporn Chaya; Aurapan Weerawong; Ampha Jenprai
2011A study of the effectiveness of the training kit on an integration of multiple intelligences in English language classroomsChaleosri Pibulchol; Somson Wongyounoi; Rajini Srikuruwal
2011Adolescent development of the main character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter SeriesSutassi Smuthkochorn; Supaporn Yimwilai; Siriwong Luasuk
2013An analysis of lexical fossilization : near synonym errorsSaengchan Hemchua; Platon, Lawrence Honkiss
2012An investigation of English Independent and Integrated speaking tasks of Thai students studying in a master's program in EnglishSaiwaroon Chumpavan; Sirinan Srinaowaratt; Paweena Numpoon
2011An investigation of proficient grade 9 and grade 12 Thai students' English vocabulary learning strategiesSirinan Srinaowaratt; Pornpan U-Pitak
2014-08-28An analysis of grammatical errors in Srinakharinwirot University students' writingNattha Kaewcha; Chada Iamsiu
2015Behavioral Science Research: An Evaluation of the Historical roots, Evolution and Future Development in ThailandMohan, P
2014-09-10Bioactivity and biocompatibility of glass ionomer cement added with monocalcium silicate at various ratiosJaruma Sakdee; Punnama Siriphannon; Wiroj Sangsawatpong
2013-11-28Biocompatibility of monocalcium silicate- glass ionomer cement compoundWiroj Sangsawatpong; Jaruma Sakdee; Punnama Siriphannon; Suwit Wimonchit
1983Birth weight, placental weight and gestation time in relation to natural selection in ThailandPromboon, S.; MI, M.P.; Chaturachinda, K.
2015-01-29BMOC 1966 C.E.D. Prasarnmitrมหาวิทยาลัยศรีนครินทรวิโรฒ