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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A multi-channel optical fibre-based smartphone spectrophotometer for measuring the spectra of LED coloursPuttharugsa C.; Srikhirin T.; Pipatpanukul C.; Houngkamhang N.
2020A numerical investigation of broadband absorption of TE-polarized wave in photonic hypercrystalReangchan N.; Plaipichit S.; Puttharugsa C.; Buranasiri P.; Wicharn S.
2019Analyzing a torsion pendulum using a smartphone's sensors: Mechanical energy conservation approachNamchanthra W.; Khemmani S.; Wicharn S.; Plaipichit S.; Pipatpanukul C.; Puttharugsa C.
2021Analyzing the rotational motion of a rectangular board via smartphone sensors: A conservation-of-mechanical-energy approachPuttharugsa C.; Pimanpang S.
2016Application of surface plasmon resonance biosensor for the detection of Candida albicansYodmongkol S.; Thaweboon S.; Thaweboon B.; Puttharugsa C.; Sutapun B.; Amarit R.; Somboonkaew A.; Srikhirin T.
2020Demonstration of light absorption and light scattering using smartphonesMalisorn K.; Wicharn S.; Plaipichit S.; Pipatpanukul C.; Houngkamhang N.; Puttharugsa C.
2020Determination of the coefficient of rolling friction of a hollow cylinder rolling on a curved track using a smartphone's sensorsLaotreephet P.; Khemmani S.; Puttharugsa C.
2019Determination of the coefficient of static friction from circular motion using a smartphone's sensorsPuttharugsa C.; Khemmani S.; Wicharn S.; Plaipichit S.
2021Determining the coefficient of kinetic friction using smartphone sensorsPuttharugsa C.; Wicharn S.; Plaipichit S.; Khemmani S.
2018Development of instructional manual encouraging student active learning for high school teaching on fluid mechanics through Torricelli's tank experimentApiwan S.; Puttharugsa C.; Khemmani S.
2018Fabrication of highly uniform gold nanoparticles-titanium dioxide nanotube arrays for H 2 O 2 sensingPuttharugsa C.; Aeimbhu A.
2017Facile preparation of gold nanoparticle modified pencil graphite electrodePuttharugsa C.; Limnonthakul P.
2020Gold nanorod-optical fiber for sensing biomolecular interactionChueaiarrom C.; Loedsapchinda N.; Puttharugsa C.; Pipatpanukul C.; Srikhirin T.; Houngkamhang N.
2021Hybrid nanowire-hyperbolic metamaterial based broadband absorber for the visible and near-infrared regionsBuranasiri P.; Plaipichit S.; Puttharugsa C.; Wicharn S.
2017Influence of oxygen flow rate on electrochromic property of WO3 nanorods prepared by glancing reactive magnetron sputteringLimnonthakul P.; Luangtip W.; Puttharugsa C.; Lutchanont I.; Chananonnawathorn C.; Eiamchai P.; Limwichean S.; Pattantsetakul V.; Horprathum M.
2021Investigating the large angle of a physical pendulum using a smartphone's sensorsChatchawaltheerat T.; Khemmani S.; Puttharugsa C.
2016Investigation of the rolling motion of a hollow cylinder using a smartphonePuttharugsa C.; Khemmani S.; Utayarat P.; Luangtip W.
2017Investigation of the rolling motion of a hollow cylinder using a smartphone's digital compassWattanayotin P.; Puttharugsa C.; Khemmani S.
2021LED gates for measuring kinematic parameters using the ambient light sensor of a smartphoneNamchanthra W.; Puttharugsa C.
2019Measuring the coefficient of restitution for tennis and golf balls using smartphone sensorsChaisuwan P.; Khemmani S.; Wicharn S.; Plaipichit S.; Pipatpanukul C.; Puttharugsa C.