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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A multi-center thai university-based surgical intensive care units study (THAI-SICU study): Methodology and ICU characteristicsChittawatanarat K.; Chaiwat O.; Morakul S.; Pipanmekaporn T.; Thawitsri T.; Wacharasint P.; Fuengfoo P.; Chatmongkolchart S.; Akaraborworn O.; Pathonsamit C.; Poopipatpab S.; Chanthawong S.; Chau-In W.; Kusumaphanyo C.; Buppha P.; Charuluxananan S.; Kongsayreepong S.
2016A multi-center thai university-based surgical intensive care units study (THAI-SICU study): Outcome of ICU care and adverse eventsKongsayreepong S.; Chittawatanarat K.; Thawitsri T.; Chatmongkolchart S.; Morakul S.; Wacharasint P.; Chau-In W.; Poopipatpab S.; Kusumaphanyo C.; The THAI-SICU study group
2021Anesthetic related adverse events by incidence report in HRH princess maha chakri sirindhorn medical centerSriramatr D.; Chianpatanaruk N.; Kusumaphanyo C.; Luanpholcharoenchai J.; Pinkaew P.; Tamaruksa S.; Gulrawong N.
2012Drug errors from the Thai anesthesia incidents monitoring study: Analysis of 1,996 incident reportsCharuluxananan S.; Sriraj W.; Lapisatepun W.; Kusumaphanyo C.; Ittichaikulthol W.; Suratsunya T.
2015Incidence and risk factors of delirium in multi-center Thai surgical intensive care units: A prospective cohort studyPipanmekaporn T.; Chittawatanarat K.; Chaiwat O.; Thawitsri T.; Wacharasint P.; Kongsayreepong S.; Morakul S.; Fuengfoo P.; Chatmongkolchar S.; Akaraborworn O.; Pathonsamit C.; Poopipatpab S.; Chanthawong S.; Chau-In W.; Kusumaphanyo C.; Buppha P.; THAI-SICU Study Group
2008Multicentered study of model of anesthesia related adverse events in Thailand by incident report (the Thai anesthesia incidents monitoring study): ResultsCharuluxananan S.; Suraseranivongse S.; Jantorn P.; Sriraj W.; Chanchayanon T.; Tanudsintum S.; Kusumaphanyo C.; Suratsunya T.; Poajanasupawun S.; Klanarong S.; Pulnitiporn A.; Phuping Akavipat M.D.; Punjasawadwong Y.
2016Outcomes and risk factors of extubation failure: A multicenter study of the THAI surgical intensive care units (SICUs)Buppha P.; Kusumaphanyo C.; Chittawatanarat K.; The THAI-SICU study group
2022Perfusion Index after Supraclavicular Brachial Plexus Block as an Early Predictor of Successful BlockSriramatr D.; Wongmethanukhro T.; Kusumaphanyo C.; Chongarunngamsang W.; Buppha P.
2017Pre-procedural Intravenous Lactated Ringer’s Solution Preloading to Prevent Hypotension during Sedation for Elective ColonoscopySriramatr D.; Bannakiat P.; Kusumaphanyo C.
2019Prediction of massive transfusion in trauma patients in the surgical intensive care units (THAI-SICU study)Akaraborworn O.; Chaiwat O.; Chatmongkolchart S.; Kitsiripant C.; Chittawatanarat K.; Morakul S.; Thawitsri T.; Wacharasint P.; Poopipatpab S.; Chau-In W.; Kusumaphanyo C.
2021The efficacy of single-dose aescin in preventing postoperative sore throat compared to placebos: A double-blinded, randomized controlled trialKusumaphanyo C.; Suthachiva A.; Sriramatr D.; Promma C.; Julla N.
2009The Thai Anesthesia Incident Monitoring Study (Thai AIMS) of anesthetic equipment failure/malfunction: An analysis of 1996 incident reportsKusumaphanyo C.; Charuluxananan S.; Sriramatr D.; Pulnitiporn A.; Sriraj W.
2009The thai anesthesia incident monitoring study (thai AIMS): An analysis of 21 awareness eventsAkavipat P.; Sookplung P.; Premsamran P.; Toomtong P.; Kusumaphanyo C.; Muansaiyart P.
2010The thai anesthesia incident monitoring study (thai aims): An analysis of perioperative complication in geriatric patientsTuchinda L.; Sukchareon I.; Kusumaphanyo C.; Suratsunya T.; Hintong T.; Thienthong S.
2008The Thai anesthesia incident monitoring study of perioperative allergic reactions: An analysis of 1996 incidents reportsLapisatepun W.; Charuluxananan S.; Kusumaphanyo C.; Ittichaikulthol W.; Suksompong S.; Ratanachai P.
2018Ultrasound-guided supraclavicular brachial plexus block in hand and forearm surgery: Case seriesSriramatr D.; Chongarunngamsang W.; Kusumaphanyo C.; Promma J.