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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A flavonoid chrysin suppresses hypoxic survival and metastatic growth of mouse breast cancer cellsLirdprapamongkol K.; Sakurai H.; Abdelhamed S.; Yokoyama S.; Maruyama T.; Athikomkulchai S.; Viriyaroj A.; Awale S.; Yagita H.; Ruchirawat S.; Svasti J.; Saiki I.
2021Anti-austerity activity of thai medicinal plants: Chemical constituents and anti-pancreatic cancer activities of kaempferia parvifloraSun S.; Kim M.J.; Dibwe D.F.; Omar A.M.; Athikomkulchai S.; Phrutivorapongkul A.; Okada T.; Tsuge K.; Toyooka N.; Awale S.
2012Antiausterity agents from Uvaria dac and their preferential cytotoxic activity against human pancreatic cancer cell lines in a nutrient-deprived conditionAwale S.; Ueda J.-Y.; Athikomkulchai S.; Abdelhamed S.; Yokoyama S.; Saiki I.; Miyatake R.
2020Antifungal Activity and the Chemical and Physical Stability of Microemulsions Containing Citrus hystrix DC Leaf OilPumival P.; Tadtong S.; Athikomkulchai S.; Chittasupho C.
2021Chemical composition of essential oil from piper sarmentosum fruit and neuroprotective activityAthikomkulchai S.; Loyfar P.; Jira-Arnon R.; Tadtong S.; Sareedenchai V.; Phattanaphakdee W.; Ruangrungsi N.; Chittasupho C.
2015Chemical composition of the essential oil from croton oblongifolius and its antibacterial activity against propionibacterium acnesAthikomkulchai S.; Tadtong S.; Ruangrungsi N.; Hongratanaworakit T.
2013Chemical constituents of Thai propolisAthikomkulchai S.; Awale S.; Ruangrungsi N.; Ruchirawat S.; Kadota S.
2016Chrysin inhibits lymphangiogenesis in vitroPrangsaengtong O.; Athikomkulchai S.; Xu J.; Koizumi K.; Inujima A.; Shibahara N.; Shimada Y.; Tadtong S.; Awale S.
2013Chrysin overcomes TRAIL resistance of cancer cells through Mcl-1 downregulation by inhibiting STAT3 phosphorylationLirdprapamongkol K.; Sakurai H.; Abdelhamed S.; Yokoyama S.; Athikomkulchai S.; Viriyaroj A.; Awale S.; Ruchirawat S.; Svasti J.; Saiki I.
2021Formulation, physical and chemical stability of ocimum gratissimum l. Leaf oil nanoemulsionOntao N.; Athikomkulchai S.; Tadtong S.; Leesawat P.; Chittasupho C.
2013(+)-Grandiforacin, an antiausterity agent, induces autophagic PANC-1 pancreatic cancer cell deathUeda J.-Y.; Athikomkulchai S.; Miyatake R.; Saiki I.; Esumi H.; Awale S.
2017Highly oxygenated antiausterity agents from the leaves of Uvaria dacAwale S.; Tawila A.M.; Dibwe D.F.; Ueda J.-Y.; Sun S.; Athikomkulchai S.; Balachandran C.; Saiki I.; Matsumoto K.; Esumi H.
2021Moringa oleifera seed oil formulation physical stability and chemical constituents for enhancing skin hydration and antioxidant activityAthikomkulchai S.; Tunit P.; Tadtong S.; Jantrawut P.; Sommano S.R.; Chittasupho C.
2018Nanoparticles of Combretum quadrangulare leaf extract induce cytotoxicity, apoptosis, cell cycle arrest and anti-migration in lung cancer cellsChittasupho C.; Athikomkulchai S.
2019Neuritogenic and neuroprotective activities of the essential oil from rhizomes of curcuma alismatifoliaKochaphum S.; Banyat P.; Tadtong S.; Sareedenchai V.; Athikomkulchai S.
2022Phytochemical Analysis, Antioxidant, and Wound Healing Activity of Pluchea indica L. (Less) Branch Extract NanoparticlesChiangnoon R.; Samee W.; Uttayarat P.; Jittachai W.; Ruksiriwanich W.; Sommano S.R.; Athikomkulchai S.; Chittasupho C.
2019Screening of acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activity in essential oil from MyrtaceaePetrachaianan T.; Chaiyasirisuwan S.; Athikomkulchai S.; Sareedenchai V.
2012Uvaridacols E-H, highly oxygenated antiausterity agents from Uvaria dacAwale S.; Ueda J.-Y.; Athikomkulchai S.; Dibwe D.F.; Abdelhamed S.; Yokoyama S.; Saiki I.; Miyatake R.
2017Wound healing activity of Pluchea indica leaf extract in oral mucosal cell line and oral spray formulation containing nanoparticles of the extractBuranasukhon W.; Athikomkulchai S.; Tadtong S.; Chittasupho C.