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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A study of teachers perceptions toward using English textbooks : a case study of 10th grade English teachers in Maha Sarakham ProvinceAnchalee Jansem; Ladaporn Srakang
2014-09-10Effects of using multiple intelligence theory based activities on English reading comprehension and students' interest in learning English of matthayomsuksa III students at Taweethapisek SchoolAnchalee Jansem; Surapol Chirasawadi; Taweesak Sukeemok
2014-09-10The effects of using brain-based learning (BBL) activities on prathomsuksa 6 students' English speaking abilityAnchalee Jansem; Paiwan Jampamoon
2014-09-10The efficiency of a teacher-designed textbook on English for airline ground attendant serviceAnchalee Jansem; Arthit Intakaew
2012-09-04The study of the efectiveness of Audioarticulation model in improving Thai Learners' pronunciation of fricative soundsPhnita Kulsirisawad; Anchalee Jansem; Ampawan Imamesup
2014-09-10The use of task-based learning to improve English listening and speaking abilities of mattayomsuksa 1 students at Piboonprachasan SchoolAnchalee Jansem; Jidapa Promruang
2014-09-10Using of taks-based learning to development English speaking ability of prathom 6 students at Piboonprachasan SchoolAnchalee Jansem; Kesda Thanghun
2014-09-10Using task-based language learning activities to enhance speaking abilities of prathom suksa 5 studentsAnchalee Jansem; Gesorn Pongsawang
2014-09-10Watpathumwanaram school students' reactions towards school-based English curriculumAnchalee Jansem; Apichai Rungruang; Lalada Ruangcharoon