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dc.contributor.authorNaphon P.
dc.contributor.authorWiriyasart S.
dc.description.abstractIn the present study, we investigated the design and performance of a small hybrid magnetic generator. With small solar electrical generators, the permanent magnetics are replaced with an assisted rotating field. The rotor and stator were fabricated with a magnetic and coil windings unit, in which the rotor set includes 48 NeFeB magnets and eight salient poles with coil windings for the stator. The DC from solar energy assists the induced magnetic field of the copper winding, making the rotor rotational. The copper windings and permanent magnet bars significantly affected the rotor rotational speed and obtained energy output capacity. We investigated two different systems for the solar electric generator. For Case I, input and output energy capacities were 4.98Ah and 3.53Ah, whereas for Case II, the input and output energy capacities were 3.79Ah and 2.95Ah. To obtain higher performance, three different operating conditions were performed. We found that the condition with four copper windings running in on-off mode every 12 min and four copper windings running continuously produced the highest performance (133.33%). This means that the output energy is higher than the input energy. The results are expected to provide guidelines for designing small solar electric generators for rural environments. © 2021 The Authors
dc.subjectBoron compounds
dc.subjectElectric windings
dc.subjectIron compounds
dc.subjectPermanent magnets
dc.subjectRotors (windings)
dc.subjectSolar energy
dc.subjectDifferent operating conditions
dc.subjectElectrical generators
dc.subjectInduced magnetic fields
dc.subjectInput and outputs
dc.subjectMagnetic generators
dc.subjectPerformance analysis
dc.subjectPermanent magnetics
dc.subjectRotor rotational speed
dc.subjectElectric generators
dc.titleInvestigation on performance analysis of a small solar electric generator
dc.identifier.bibliograpycitationCase Studies in Thermal Engineering. Vol 27, No. (2021)
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