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dc.contributor.authorWiriyasart S.
dc.contributor.authorNaphon P.
dc.description.abstractIn this study, a constant fill ratio vapor chamber using water and ferrofluid as the coolants on the thermal performance and thermal optimization to provide the cooling range are presented. The liquid flow rate of the condenser side ranges from 0.029−0.099 kg/s, the input power of 100−300 W, heat source size of 30 mm × 30 mm, and the water and ferrofluid with φ=0 %, φ=0.005 % and φ=0.05 % as coolants are investigated. The results indicate that the minimum thermal resistance of a traditional vapor chamber of 0.126oC/W at mo = 0.075 kg/s and vapor chamber with a mini channel of 0.077oC/W at mo = 0.049 kg/s at φ=0.005 % are obtained. The vapor chamber with and without mini channel at a certain fill ratio of 26 % and 33 %, the heat source size of 30 mm × 30 mm, and the mass flow rate of ≥ 0.042 kg/s are withstanding the heat load range from 100–200 W. However, to achieve the high heat load range from 100–300 W, the vapor chamber with mini channel using the Fe3O4 ferrofluid φ=0.005 % is covering the entire cooling range and is recommended in electronic cooling applications. © 2021 The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers.
dc.subjectIron oxides
dc.subjectThermal load
dc.subjectCooling applications
dc.subjectHigh heat load
dc.subjectLiquid flow rates
dc.subjectMass flow rate
dc.subjectMini channels
dc.subjectThermal optimization
dc.subjectThermal Performance
dc.subjectVapor chamber
dc.subjectElectronic cooling
dc.titleTransient thermal performance of constant fill ratio vapor chamber with different coolants
dc.identifier.bibliograpycitationJournal of Thermal Science and Technology. Vol 16, No.2 (2021)
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