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Title: Bioactivity evaluation of eclipta prostrata linn: A potential vasorelaxant
Authors: Prachayasittikul S.
Wongsawatkul O.
Suksrichavalit T.
Ruchirawat S.
Prachayasittikul V.
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: Eclipta prostrata Linn (Compositae), a traditional medicine has been used for treatment of diverse symptoms e.g. hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis and skin diseases. This study, hexane extract of E. prostrata Linn was evaluated for bioactivities. The extract showed its new action as a potential vasorelaxant. Moreover, antioxidative (SOD and DPPH assays) and cytotoxic activities of the extract were also observed. Isolation of the extract provided a stigmasterol including eight fractions of triterpenoids along with long chain hydrocarbons. All the fractions exhibited antimicrobial activity with minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) range of 64-256 μg/mL. The results imply therapeutic value of the plant species as an alternative medicinal source of potential vasorelaxants. © EuroJournals Publishing, Inc. 2010.
ISSN: 1450216X
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