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Title: Investigation on the jet liquid impingement heat transfer for the central processing unit of personal computers
Authors: Naphon P.
Wongwises S.
Keywords: Central processing units
Channel widths
Cooling performance
Efficient designs
Electronic device
Energy consumption
Fin heat sinks
Heat Transfer enhancement
Impingement cooling
Impingement heat transfer
Jet impingement
Liquid cooling systems
No load
Real operating conditions
Computer crime
Computer science
Fins (heat exchange)
Heat exchangers
Personal computers
Program processors
Thermoelectric equipment
Cooling systems
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: In this paper, the jet liquid impingement heat transfer characteristics in the mini-rectangular fin heat sink for the central processing unit of a personal computer are experimentally investigated. The experiments are tested with three different channel width heat sinks under real operating conditions: no load and full load conditions. The jet liquid impingement cooling with mini-rectangular fin heat sink system is introduced as the active and passive heat transfer enhancement techniques. Effects of relevant parameters on the central processing unit temperature are considered. It is found that the central processing unit temperatures obtained from the jet liquid impingement cooling system are lower than those from the conventional liquid cooling system; however, the energy consumption also increases. The results of this study are of technological importance for the efficient design of cooling systems of personal computers or electronic devices to enhance cooling performance. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd.
ISSN: 7351933
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