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dc.contributor.authorPrachayasittikul S.
dc.contributor.authorWongsawatkul O.
dc.contributor.authorWorachartcheewan A.
dc.contributor.authorRuchirawat S.
dc.contributor.authorPrachayasittikul V.
dc.description.abstractThe aim of study is to investigate effects of orotic acid (OA) on phenylephrine-induced contraction of rat thoracic aorta and its antioxidative activity. Results showed that the OA exhibited maximal vasorelaxation in dose-dependent manner with ED50 of 3.1?×10-7 M, but the effect was less than those of acetylcholine (ACh)-induced nitric oxide (NO) vasorelaxation. Significant reductions of the vasorelaxations were found in the presence of either NG-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester (L-NAME) or indomethacin (INDO). Synergistic effects were observed in the presence of L-NAME plus INDO that led to loss of vasorelaxation of both the ACh and the OA. In addition, complete loss of the vasorelaxation was manifested under removal of endothelial cells. This implies that the vasorelaxations are mediated by partially endothelium-induced NO and prostacyclin. The OA exhibited antioxidative activity in both DPPH and SOD assays. The significant results reveal novel actions of the OA as vasorelaxants and superoxide scavenger which are benefits as therapeutic uses and health supplements. © 2010 Asian Network for Scientific Information.
dc.subject1,1 diphenyl 2 picrylhydrazyl
dc.subjectn(g) nitroarginine methyl ester
dc.subjectnitric oxide
dc.subjectorotic acid
dc.subjectsuperoxide dismutase
dc.subjectanimal experiment
dc.subjectanimal tissue
dc.subjectantioxidant activity
dc.subjectaorta constriction
dc.subjectcontrolled study
dc.subjectdrug mechanism
dc.subjectdrug potentiation
dc.subjectdrug response
dc.subjectdrug structure
dc.subjectendothelium cell
dc.subjectthoracic aorta
dc.titleVasorelaxation and superoxide scavenging activities of orotic acid
dc.identifier.bibliograpycitationInternational Journal of Pharmacology. Vol 6, No.4 (2010), p.375-380
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