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dc.contributor.authorNaphon P.
dc.description.abstractExperimental and theoretical investigations on the entropy generation, exergy loss of a horizontal concentric micro-fin tube heat exchanger are presented. The experiments setup are designed and constructed for the measured data by using hot water and cold water as working fluids. The micro-fin tube is fabricated from the copper tube with an inner diameter of 8.92. mm. The experiments are performed for the hot and cold water mass flow rates in the range of 0.02-0.10. kg/s. The inlet hot water and inlet cold water temperatures are between 40 and 50 °C, and between 15 and 20 °C, respectively. The effects of relevant parameters on the entropy generation, and exergy loss are discussed. A central finite difference method is employed to solve the model for obtaining temperature distribution, entropy generation, and exergy loss of the micro-fin tube heat exchanger. The predicted results obtained from the model are verified by comparing with the present measured data. Reasonable agreement is obtained from the comparison between predicted results and those from the measured data. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd.
dc.subjectCentral finite difference
dc.subjectCold waters
dc.subjectCopper tubes
dc.subjectEntropy generation
dc.subjectExergy loss
dc.subjectHot water
dc.subjectInner diameters
dc.subjectMeasured data
dc.subjectMicro-fin tube
dc.subjectTheoretical investigations
dc.subjectWorking fluid
dc.subjectCold working
dc.subjectFins (heat exchange)
dc.subjectHeat exchangers
dc.subjectHot working
dc.subjectTubes (components)
dc.titleStudy on the exergy loss of the horizontal concentric micro-fin tube heat exchanger
dc.identifier.bibliograpycitationInternational Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer. Vol 38, No.2 (2011), p.229-235
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