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dc.contributor.authorSriromreun P.
dc.contributor.authorNaphon P.
dc.description.abstractThe results of numerical and experimental study on the heat transfer characteristics in the micro-channel heat sinks with longitudinal fins under constant heat flux conditions are presented. The experiments are performed for verifying the predicted results from the mathematical model with the Reynolds number and heat flux in the ranges of 100-1200 and 1.50-5.50 kW/m2, respectively. The micro-channel heat sink with two different channel heights and two different channel widths are tested. A numerical analysis of a three-dimensional transient model has been carried out to evaluate the thermal and fluid-dynamic performance. By solving the mathematical modeling, the velocity and temperature distributions of the heat sink section are presented. Reasonable agreement is obtained from the comparison with the measured data. These results are useful for the design to improve thermal performance of the heat sink, and also diminished the expense and time of the experiments. © Research India Publications.
dc.titleNumerical and experimental study on the heat transfer characteristics of the micro-channel heat sinks with longitudinal fins array
dc.identifier.bibliograpycitationInternational Journal of Applied Engineering Research. Vol 10, No.17 (2015), p.37421-37427
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