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Title: Component of manual preparation of platelet-rich plasma
Authors: Sriworakun C.
Reancharoen T.
Chanlalit C.
Keywords: adult
analytic method
blood sampling
clinical protocol
normal human
platelet count
thrombocyte rich plasma
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Background: Popularity of using Platelets Rich Plasma (PRP) in the orthopedics practice is increasing, however, commercial kits for preparation are typically expensive. Objective: To clarify the best protocols of manual PRP preparation that can obtain the highest platelet concentration with low amount of white blood cells and red blood cell. Material and Method: A 22 ml blood samples was taken from 10 healthy volunteers. Each specimen was equally separated into 4 syringes for 4 different protocols of centrifugation duration; 1,000 rpm/2 mins, 1,000 rpm/3 mins, 1,000 rpm/5 mins and 1,000 rpm/7 mins. Platelet counts from each protocol was analyzed. Results: The protocol of 2 and 3 minutes spinning duration have shown higher platelets concentration compared to other protocols. The highest amount of platelet concentration was obtained from the 3-minute duration protocol at a mean of 438.1+124.733x103/mm3 (1.7 fold than baseline) and also lower WBC contamination when compared to 2-minute duration protocol. Conclusion: The spinning of blood at 1,000 rpm for 3 minutes is the best protocol to gain plasma that has a high platelet concentration and low WBC contamination. © 2017 Medical Association of Thailand. All rights reserved.
ISSN: 1252208
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