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Title: Eulerian two-phase model analysis on jet impingement nanofluids heat transfer in heat sinks
Authors: Nakharinte L.
Naphon P.
Wiriyasart S.
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: A numerical analysis of an Eulerian two-phase approach model on a confined jet impingement has been carried out to evaluate the thermal and fluid flow characteristics of nanofluids in the mini-channel heat sink. The nanofluids mixture of de-ionized water and nanoscale TiO2 particles with the nanoparticles concentration of 0.2% by volume is used as working fluid. The results obtained from the Eulerian twophase approach model are verified with the published experimental data and compared with three different approach models. The predicted results are reasonable agreement with the published experimental data. © 2017 Pushpa Publishing House, Allahabad, India.
ISSN: 9735763
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