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dc.contributor.authorWiriyasart S.
dc.contributor.authorNaphon P.
dc.description.abstractThis paper have been investigated on the thermal performance enhancement of air cooling vapor chamber by coating mini-channel heat sink inside with porous sintering wick sheet. The results obtained from experiments are considered and compared with without porous sintering wick sheet. The effects of power input, amount of filled working fluid into the vapor chamber and mass flow rate of air on the cooling performance and thermal resistance characteristics are considered. It can be found that the porous sintering wick sheet has significant effect on the increment of the capillary force which results in higher heat transfer rate. Therefore, the thermal performance of air cooling vapor chamber with porous sintering wick sheet inside mini-channel shows 20% maximum higher than that without porous sintering wick sheet. In addition, the increasing of power in put and cooling air mass flow rate have significantly increased thermal performance of the vapor chamber. The passive cooling device with vapor chambers is favorable technique that can enhanced thermal performance and reduce heat accumulate on the electronic component. © 2018
dc.subjectElectronic cooling
dc.subjectHeat resistance
dc.subjectHeat sinks
dc.subjectMass transfer
dc.subjectCooling performance
dc.subjectElectronic component
dc.subjectMass flow rate of air
dc.subjectPorous sintering wick sheet
dc.subjectResistance characteristics
dc.subjectThermal Performance
dc.subjectThermal performance enhancements
dc.subjectVapor chamber
dc.titleThermal performance enhancement of vapor chamber by coating mini-channel heat sink with porous sintering media
dc.identifier.bibliograpycitationInternational Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. Vol 126, (2018), p.116-122
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