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Title: Oral manifestations, salivary flow rates and Candida species in Thai HIV-infected patients
Authors: Lam-ubol A.
Rungsiyanont S.
Vacharotayangul P.
Sappayatosok K.
Chankanka O.
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: Background: Effects of various Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) regimens on oral heath are unclear. Objectives: We aimed to evaluate effects of HAART on oral manifestations, salivary flow rates (SFR) and Candida species in HIV-infected patients who took mostly non-protease inhibitor-based HAART regimens. Material and Methods: A cross-sectional study was performed on HIV-infected patients taking and never taken HAART who attended Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre (n = 48). Non-HIV subjects were recruited as control (n = 20). Oral conditions and salivary flow rates were evaluated using oral examination and measurement of unstimulated and stimulated saliva. In addition, Candida colonization counts (colony forming units; CFUs) and Candida species from the collected saliva were evaluated using CHROMagar. Results: The most common oral manifestation in HIV-infected subjects taking HAART was hyperpigmentation. Unstimulated and stimulated SFR among the three groups were not statistically significant. Candida colonization was detected in 64%, 65% and 35% of HIV-infected subjects taking HAART, HAART-naïve, and non-HIV subjects, respectively. While 20% and 35% of HIV-infected subjects with and without HAART, respectively, had Candida CFUs higher than 500/ml, all non-HIV carriers had Candida CFUs lower than 500/ml. The most common Candida colonization species was C. albicans in HAART and non-HIV groups. Interestingly, HAART-naïve group was colonized more by non-albicans species. Conclusions: HAART has minimal effects on oral health. While HAART may not prevent Candida colonization, it might lead to reduction of non-albicans species. Because maintaining low Candida counts is important, HAART administration and antifungal sensitivity test should be considered in HIV-infected patients. © Medicina Oral S. L. C.I.F.
ISSN: 19895488
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