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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Cholesterol-based cationic liposome increases dsRNA protection of yellow head virus infection in Penaeus vannameiSanitt P.; Apiratikul N.; Niyomtham N.; Yingyongnarongkul B.-E.; Assavalapsakul W.; Panyim S.; Udomkit A.
2018Cytotoxic alkaloids against human colon adenocarcinoma cell line (HT-29) from the seed embryos of Nelumbo nuciferaChaichompoo W.; Chokchaisiri R.; Apiratikul N.; Chairoungdua A.; Yingyongnarongkul B.-E.; Chunglok W.; Tocharus C.; Suksamrarn A.
2020Headgroup modification of cholesterol-based cationic lipids: Synthesis, transfection efficiency evaluation, and serum compatibilityThongbamrer C.; Niyomtham N.; Chaiwut C.; Posa C.; Apiratikul N.; Sangvichien E.; Opanasopit P.; Sakee U.; Yingyongnarongkul B.-E.; Radchatawedchakoon W.
2011High transfection efficiency of cationic lipids with asymmetric acyl-Cholesteryl hydrophobic tailsRadchatawedchakoon W.; Krajarng A.; Niyomtham N.; Watanapokasin R.; Yingyongnarongkul B.-E.
2017Synergistic inhibition of human carcinoma cell growth via co-delivery of p53 plasmid DNA and bcl-2 antisense oligodeoxyribonucleotide by cholic acid-modified polyethylenimineWeecharangsan W.; Opanasopit P.; Niyomtham N.; Yingyongnarongkul B.-E.; Kewsuwan P.; Lee R.J.
2000Synthesis of 2-dehydro-3-epi-20-hydroxyecdysoneCharoensuk S.; Yingyongnarongkul B.-E.; Suksamrarn A.
2008Synthesis of bis, tris and tetra(dihydrocaffeoyl)polyamine conjugates as antibacterial agents against VRSAYingyongnarongkul B.-E.; Apiratikul N.; Aroonrerk N.; Suksamrarn A.