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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A novel diterpene agent isolated from Microbispora hainanensis strain CSR-4 and its in vitro and in silico inhibition effects on acetylcholine esterase enzymeThawai C.; Bunbamrung N.; Pittayakhajonwut P.; Chongruchiroj S.; Pratuangdejkul J.; He Y.-W.; Tadtong S.; Sareedenchai V.; Prombutara P.; Qian Y.
2018Antiacne-causing bacteria, antioxidant, anti-Tyrosinase, anti-elastase and anti-collagenase activities of blend essential oil comprising rose, bergamot and patchouli oilsWongsukkasem N.; Soynark O.; Suthakitmanus M.; Chongdiloet E.; Chairattanapituk C.; Vattanikitsiri P.; Hongratanaworakit T.; Tadtong S.
2020Antifungal Activity and the Chemical and Physical Stability of Microemulsions Containing Citrus hystrix DC Leaf OilPumival P.; Tadtong S.; Athikomkulchai S.; Chittasupho C.
2012Antimicrobial activity of blended essential oil preparationTadtong S.; Suppawat S.; Tintawee A.; Saramas P.; Jareonvong S.; Hongratanaworakit T.
2016Antimicrobial constituents and effects of blended eucalyptus, rosemary, patchouli, pine, and cajuput essential oilsTadtong S.; Puengseangdee C.; Prasertthanawut S.; Hongratanaworakit T.
2014Antimicrobial constituents and synergism effect of the essential oils from Cymbopogon citratus and Alpinia galangaTadtong S.; Watthanachaiyingcharoen R.; Kamkaen N.
2016Antioxidant, DNA damage protective, neuroprotective, and α-glucosidase inhibitory activities of a flavonoid glycoside from leaves of Garcinia gracilisSupasuteekul C.; Nonthitipong W.; Tadtong S.; Likhitwitayawuid K.; Tengamnuay P.; Sritularak B.
2020Bace1 inhibitor, neuroprotective, and neuritogenic activities of melatonin derivativesPanyatip P.; Tadtong S.; Sousa E.; Puthongking P.
2015Chemical Components of Four Essential Oils in Aromatherapy RecipeTadtong S.; Kamkaen N.; Watthanachaiyingcharoen R.; Ruangrungsi N.
2021Chemical composition of essential oil from piper sarmentosum fruit and neuroprotective activityAthikomkulchai S.; Loyfar P.; Jira-Arnon R.; Tadtong S.; Sareedenchai V.; Phattanaphakdee W.; Ruangrungsi N.; Chittasupho C.
2015Chemical composition of the essential oil from croton oblongifolius and its antibacterial activity against propionibacterium acnesAthikomkulchai S.; Tadtong S.; Ruangrungsi N.; Hongratanaworakit T.
2016Chrysin inhibits lymphangiogenesis in vitroPrangsaengtong O.; Athikomkulchai S.; Xu J.; Koizumi K.; Inujima A.; Shibahara N.; Shimada Y.; Tadtong S.; Awale S.
2016Effects of oxyresveratrol and its derivatives on cultured P19-derived neuronsTadtong S.; Chatsumpun N.; Sritularak B.; Jongbunprasert V.; Ploypradith P.; Likhitwitayawuid K.
2022Effects of quercetin and curcumin combination on antibacterial, antioxidant, in vitro wound healing and migration of human dermal fibroblast cellsChittasupho C.; Manthaisong A.; Okonogi S.; Tadtong S.; Samee W.
2017Erratum to: Semisynthesis and biological evaluation of prenylated resveratrol derivatives as multi-targeted agents for Alzheimer’s disease (J Nat Med, 10.1007/s11418-017-1097-2)Puksasook T.; Kimura S.; Tadtong S.; Jiaranaikulwanitch J.; Pratuangdejkul J.; Kitphati W.; Suwanborirux K.; Saito N.; Nukoolkarn V.
2018Evaluation of nutrient content and antioxidant, neuritogenic, and neuroprotective activities of upland rice bran oilRuen-ngam D.; Thawai C.; Sukonthamut S.; Nokkoul R.; Tadtong S.
2020Formulation and chemical composition of aromatherapy product for antioxidantHongratanaworakit T.; Malai W.; Ubolviroj S.; Ketsanchai R.; Wuthisakon S.; Tadtong S.
2021Formulation, physical and chemical stability of ocimum gratissimum l. Leaf oil nanoemulsionOntao N.; Athikomkulchai S.; Tadtong S.; Leesawat P.; Chittasupho C.
2019Jiangella endophytica sp. nov., an endophytic actinomycete isolated from the rhizome of Kaempferia elegansNiemhom N.; Chutrakul C.; Suriyachadkun C.; Tadtong S.; Thawai C.
2018Jishengella zingiberis sp. Nov., isolated from root tissue of zingiber montanumThawai C.; He Y.-W.; Tadtong S.