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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Combined toxicity of imidacloprid and cadmium on histopathology and acetylcholinesterase activity in aquatic oligochaetes (Tubifex tubifex Müller, 1774)Lekvongphiboon P.; Praphairaksit N.
2019Electrochemical detection of NOx gas based on disposable paper-based analytical device using a copper nanoparticles-modified screen-printed graphene electrodePungjunun K.; Chaiyo S.; Praphairaksit N.; Siangproh W.; Ortner A.; Kalcher K.; Chailapakul O.; Mehmeti E.
2011Electrospray fabrication of doxorubicin-chitosan-tripolyphosphate nanoparticles for delivery of doxorubicinSongsurang K.; Praphairaksit N.; Siraleartmukul K.; Muangsin N.
2020Enhanced sensitivity and separation for simultaneous determination of tin and lead using paper-based sensors combined with a portable potentiostatPungjunun K.; Nantaphol S.; Praphairaksit N.; Siangproh W.; Chaiyo S.; Chailapakul O.
2009Ethyl cellulose microcapsules for protecting and controlled release of folic acidPrasertmanakit S.; Praphairaksit N.; Chiangthong W.; Muangsin N.
2014Glutathione and l-cysteine modified silver nanoplates-based colorimetric assay for a simple, fast, sensitive and selective determination of nickelKiatkumjorn T.; Rattanarat P.; Siangproh W.; Chailapakul O.; Praphairaksit N.
2016Graphene/polyvinylpyrrolidone/polyaniline nanocomposite-modified electrode for simultaneous determination of parabens by high performance liquid chromatographyKajornkavinkul S.; Punrat E.; Siangproh W.; Rodthongkum N.; Praphairaksit N.; Chailapakul O.
2011Identifying pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) in an undergraduate inquiry-based bioblogy laboratory programKlaiwong K.; Hewson M.G.; Praphairaksit N.
2010Lab-on-paper with dual electrochemical/ colorimetric detection for simultaneous determination of gold and ironApilux A.; Dungchai W.; Siangproh W.; Praphairaksit N.; Henry C.S.; Chailapakul O.
2021Laser engraved microapillary pump paper-based microfluidic device for colorimetric and electrochemical detection of salivary thiocyanatePungjunun K.; Yakoh A.; Chaiyo S.; Praphairaksit N.; Siangproh W.; Kalcher K.; Chailapakul O.
2012Simple and rapid colorimetric detection of Hg(II) by a paper-based device using silver nanoplatesApilux A.; Siangproh W.; Praphairaksit N.; Chailapakul O.
2018The effect of integrating cooperative learning into 5E inquiry learning model on interpersonal skills of high school studentsPholphuet P.; Kanyaprasith K.; Khumwong P.; Praphairaksit N.
2009Tourists' opinion on the potential of geological museum for educational tourismWongpornpenpab M.; Vatanaoran P.; Attasat C.; Praphairaksit N.
2022Transformation of mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) oil into nanoemulsion as an ethanol-free herbal anesthetic for surgery on koi carp (Cyprinus carpio)Raknak K.; Rattanarom P.; Praphairaksit N.