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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Development of clock genes expression in rat hippocampusPramong R.; Wongchitrat P.; Govitrapong P.; Phansuwan-Pujito P.
2019Effect of curcumin on liver fibrosis formation in rats with chronic inflammation following diabeticsPramong R.; Satin K.; Yang-En S.; Petpiboolthai H.; Anupunpisit V.
2022Melatonin attenuates dimethyl sulfoxide– and Zika virus–induced degeneration of porcine induced neural stem cellsHorcharoensuk P.; Yang-en S.; Chakritbudsabong W.; Samatiwat P.; Pramong R.; Rungarunlert S.; Rungsiwiwut R.
2022Molecular Changes Following Induction of Hepatocellular Carcinoma by Diethylnitrosamine and Thioacetamide, and Subsequent Treatment with Dioscorea membranacea ExtractKerdput V.; Kanjanapongkul K.; Itharat A.; Pramong R.; Lamers W.H.; Hakvoort T.B.M.; Jongejan A.; Pradidarcheep W.
2018Neuroprotective effects of melatonin on amphetamine-induced dopaminergic fiber degeneration in the hippocampus of postnatal ratsLeeboonngam T.; Pramong R.; Sae-ung K.; Govitrapong P.; Phansuwan-Pujito P.
2022Protective Effect of Melatonin on Age-induced Changes in Circadian Clock and Inflammatory Profile in Rat LiverPramong R.; Sritongjoy C.; Saksakulchai P.; Kijsappaibul T.; Phansuwan-Pujito P.; Nilbu-Nga C.
2017Relationship between circadian clock genes and the neurotrophic factor genes in rat hippocampusPramong R.; Govitrapong P.; Phansuwan-Pujito P.
2017Restoration of lung microvasculature in diabetic condition after curcumin supplementationAnupunpisit V.; Petpiboolthai H.; Khanpetch P.; Pramong R.
2021Thunbergia laurifolia linn. Extract protects ethanol addiction and increases dopamine synthesisSangpayap R.; Pramong R.; Phansuwan-Pujito P.; Thongsaard W.