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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Analysis of nanofluid flow and heat transfer behavior of Li-ion battery modulesSirikasemsuk S.; Naphon N.; Eiamsa-ard S.; Naphon P.; Srinakharinwirot University
2020ANFIS for analysis friction factor and Nusselt number of pulsating nanofluids flow in the fluted tube under magnetic fieldNaphon P.; Arisariyawong T.; Wiriyasart S.; Srichat A.
2019ANN, numerical and experimental analysis on the jet impingement nanofluids flow and heat transfer characteristics in the micro-channel heat sinkNaphon P.; Wiriyasart S.; Arisariyawong T.; Nakharintr L.
2013Application of two-phase vapor chamber technique for hard disk drive cooling of PCsNaphon P.; Wongwises S.; Wiriyasart S.
2016Artificial neural network analysis on the heat transfer and friction factor of the double tube with spring insertNaphon P.; Arisariyawong T.; Nualboonrueng T.
2018Artificial neural network analysis the pulsating Nusselt number and friction factor of TiO2/water nanofluids in the spirally coiled tube with magnetic fieldNaphon P.; Wiriyasart S.; Arisariyawong T.
2018Confined impinging liquid jet characteristics of vapor chamber embedded with heat sinksNaphon P.; Wiriyasart S.
2018Continuous nanofluids jet impingement heat transfer and flow in a micro-channel heat sinkNaphon P.; Nakharintr L.; Wiriyasart S.
2022COVID-19 Distribution Predicting in Nursing Caring Office Room: A Case Study at Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Medical CenterWatcharanat P.; Vengsungnle P.; Naphon P.
2019Development of cold-hot water dispenser with thermoelectric module systemsHommalee C.; Wiriyasart S.; Naphon P.
2006Effect of coil-wire insert on heat transfer enhancement and pressure drop of the horizontal concentric tubesNaphon P.
2019Effect of cooling water loop on the thermal performance of air conditioning systemSiricharoenpanich A.; Wiriyasart S.; Prurapark R.; Naphon P.
2007Effect of curvature ratios on the heat transfer and flow developments in the horizontal spirally coiled tubesNaphon P.; Suwagrai J.
2016Effect of heat source area on the thermal resistance of the wick columns vapor chambersWiriyasart S.; Naphon P.
2018Effect of jet-plate spacing to jet diameter ratios on nanofluids heat transfer in a mini-channel heat sinkNakharintr L.; Naphon P.; Wiriyasart S.
2015Effect of Magnetic Fields on the Boiling Heat Transfer Characteristics of NanofluidsNaphon P.
2005Effect of porous media on the performance of the double-pass flat plate solar air heaterNaphon P.
2016Effect of sintering columns on the heat transfer and flow characteristics of the liquid cooling vapor chambersNaphon P.; Wiriyasart S.
2011Effects of outlet port positions on the jet impingement heat transfer characteristics in the mini-fin heat sinkNaphon P.; Klangchart S.
2017Eulerian two-phase model analysis on jet impingement nanofluids heat transfer in heat sinksNakharinte L.; Naphon P.; Wiriyasart S.