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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A low cost and simple lab-on-a-chip for spectrophotometric determination of ethanolSomsaeng T.; Pumsa-Ard K.; Jittangprasert P.
2021Carbon dots prepared from citric acid and urea by microwave-assisted irradiation as a turn-on fluorescent probe for allantoin determinationSeedad R.; Khuthinakhun S.; Ratanawimarnwong N.; Jittangprasert P.; Mantim T.; Songsrirote K.
2019Chromogenic Detection of Fe 2+ Using Schiff base–naphthalene-2-ol-modified Silver NanoparticlesSamerjai W.; Dankhanob L.; Chotimai P.; Jittangprasert P.; Tongraung P.
2020Dual detection highly selective colorimetric chemosensors for fluoride and copper(II) ions based on imine-phenol derivativeNusuwan P.; Jittangprasert P.; Kuno M.; Pumsa-Ard K.; Tongraung P.
2012Effects of calcination temperature on electrospun silica fibersPramuansub N.; Jittangprasert P.; Wanakamol P.
2017Fluorescent Chemosensor for Cu2+ based on Schiff base-naphthalene-2-olAussawaponpaisan P.; Nusuwan P.; Tongraung P.; Jittangprasert P.; Pumsa-Ard K.; Kuno M.
2011Pharmacokinetics of deferiprone in patients with β-thalassaemia: Impact of splenectomy and iron statusLimenta L.M.G.; Jirasomprasert T.; Jittangprasert P.; Wilairat P.; Yamanont P.; Chantharaksri U.; Fucharoen S.; Morales N.P.
2006Pulsed amperometry for anti-fouling of boron-doped diamond in electroanalysis of β-agonists: Application to flow injection for pharmaceutical analysisKaruwan C.; Mantim T.; Chaisuwan P.; Wilairat P.; Grudpan K.; Jittangprasert P.; Einaga Y.; Chailapakul O.; Suntornsuk L.; Anurukvorakun O.; Nacapricha D.
2021Using n-alkanes as a proxy to reconstruct sea-level changes in Thale Noi, the west coast of the Gulf of ThailandSainakum A.; Jittangprasert P.; Sompongchaiyakul P.; Jirapinyakul A.