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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A comparison of mean platelet volume between viral hepatitis and non-viral hepatitis in liver cirrhosisReinthong R.; Makruasi S.; Chonmaitree P.; Makruasi N.
2021Comparison of the performance of existing nutritional screening tools against subjective global assessment in cirrhotic patientsChonmaitree P.; Sudcharoen A.; Poonyam P.; Roongsangmanoon W.; Khuancharee K.; Laoarphasuwong N.
2020Delirium in internal medicine patients evaluated using the Thai confusion assessment method for ICUMethawasin K.; Kongsakorn P.; Kongsakorn N.; Chonmaitree P.; Roongsangmanoon W.; Sangpanich A.; Lee B.; Ruchakorn N.; Charonpongsuntorn C.; Petborom P.
2019Nutritional assessment in cirrhosisChonmaitree P.; Roongsangmanoon W.
2022Pazopanib-Induced Reversible Left Ventricular Systolic DysfunctionRoongsangmanoon W.; Wattanawinitchai K.; Charonpongsuntorn C.; Chonmaitree P.; Wongsoasup A.; Rattanajaruskul N.; Angkananard T.
2022The Effects of Combined Vitamin E and C for Treatment of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD): A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled TrialsPoonyam P.; Kritsanaviparkporn C.; Chonmaitree P.; Sudcharoen A.
2016Transverse Myelitis in Acute Hepatitis A Infection: The Rare Co-Occurrence of Hepatology and NeurologyChonmaitree P.; Methawasin F.
2014Unexpected causes of pulmonary hypertension in a previously healthy Thai rural man with right-sided heart failureAngkananard T.; Chonmaitree P.; Petborom P.
2022Wandering Spleen in Young Adult: A Case ReportChonmaitree P.; Sudcharoen A.; Poonyam P.; Roongsangmanoon W.; Maroongroge P.; Burivong W.; Viriyaroj V.