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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A method for detecting lines on soccer field by color of grass variationRianthong T.; Thewsuwan S.; Charoenpong T.; Pattanaworapan K.
2023A Method for Football Players Detection on the Soccer Field by Integrated Image Processing TechniquesTumtong P.; Promvijittrakarn P.; Pattanaworapan P.; Charoenpong T.; Srinakharinwirot University
2019A Method of 3D Hand Movement Recognition by a Leap Motion Sensor for Controlling Medical Image in an Operating RoomSa-Nguannarm P.; Charoenpong T.; Chianrabutra C.; Kiatsoontorn K.
2023A Method of Soccer-Team Identification by Histogram Feature Vector and Support Vector MachinePromvijittrakarn P.; Charoenpong T.; Srinakharinwirot University
2018A Method of Swimming Rat Detection in Morris Water Maze by Using Image ProcessingKhunarsar P.; Benjathum N.; Charoenpong T.; Jariyapongskul A.
2018A Method of Thai Main Dish and Soup Classification by Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix AlgorithmNeampradit P.; Charoenpong T.; Sueaseenak D.; Sukjamsri C.
2015A new algorithm to detect occluded face from a head viewpoint using Hough transform and skin ratioCharoenpong T.; Sanitthai P.
2014A new method for occluded face detection from single viewpoint of headCharoenpong T.; Nuthong C.; Watchareeruetai U.
2018A New Method of Gait Recognition by Human Joint Projection and Closest Distance TechniqueSombatpiboonporn P.; Charoenpong P.; Charoenpong T.
2015A new method to detect nystagmus for vertigo diagnosis system by eye movement velocityCharoenpong T.; Pattrapisetwong P.; Mahasitthiwat V.
2016A new method to estimate rotation angle of a 3D eye model from single cameraCharoenpong T.; Jantima T.; Chianrabupra C.; Mahasitthiwat V.
2013A rat walking behavior classification by body length measurementChanchanachitkul W.; Nanthiyanuragsa P.; Rodamporn S.; Thongsaard W.; Charoenpong T.
2019A Robus Method for Wheelchair Detection: A Combination of the Gaussian Mixture Models and Histogram of Oriented GradientsHirunwattanakun S.; Chianrabutra C.; Charoenpong T.; Chanwimalueng T.
2023A Skin Segmentation Method for touchless image viewer in the operating room by 2D cameraRungpanich P.; Pattanaworapan P.; Kiatsoontorn K.; Charoenpong T.; Srinakharinwirot University
2013Accurate pupil extraction algorithm by using integrated methodCharoenpong T.; Pattrapisetwong P.; Chanwimalueang T.; Mahasithiwat V.
2010Adaptive background modeling from an image sequence by using K-Means clusteringCharoenpong T.; Supasuteekul A.; Nuthong C.
2012An experimental setup for measuring distance and duration of rat behaviorCharoenpong T.; Promworn Y.; Thangwiwatchinda P.; Senavongse W.; Thongsaard W.
2021Authentication System by using HOG Face Recognition Technique and Web-Based for Medical Dispenser MachineChaiyarab L.; Mopung C.; Charoenpong T.
2017Automated Age-related Macular Degeneration screening system using fundus imagesKunumpol P.; Umpaipant W.; Kanchanaranya N.; Charoenpong T.; Vongkittirux S.; Kupakanjana T.; Tantibundhit C.
2022Bleeding Region Segmentation in Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Images by a Deep Learning Model: Initial Learning Rate and Epoch OptimizationDuangchai R.; Toonmana C.; Numpacharoen K.; Wiwatwattana N.; Charoen A.; Charoenpong T.