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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum stored at ambient temperature are effective in the treatment of acute diarrhoeaRerksuppaphol S.; Rerksuppaphol L.
2004Long-term outcome of vertically acquired and post-transfusion hepatitis C infection in childrenRerksuppaphol S.; Hardikar W.; Dore G.J.
2017Mid-upper-arm circumference and arm-to-height ratio to identify obesity in school-age childrenRerksuppaphol S.; Rerksuppaphol L.
2008Normal anal position index in thai newbornsRerksuppaphol S.; Rerksuppaphol L.
2013Optimal cut-off points of weight for height, waist circumference and waist-to-height ratio for defining overweight and obesity in Thai school-aged childrenRerksuppaphol S.; Rerksuppaphol L.
2011Prevalence and clinical manifestations of rotavirus diarrhea in children of rural area of ThailandRerksuppaphol S.; Rerksuppaphol L.
2015Prevalence of cigarette smoking and associated risk factors amongst middle-school students in Ongkharak District, ThailandRerksuppaphol L.; Rerksuppaphol S.
2011Prevalence of dyslipidemia in Thai schoolchildrenRerksuppaphol S.; Rerksuppaphol L.
2014Prevalence of metabolic syndrome in Thai children: A cross-sectional studyRerksuppaphol L.; Rerksuppaphol S.
2010Prevalence of overweight and besity among school children in suburb Thailand defined by the international obesity task force standardRerksuppaphol S.; Rerksuppaphol L.
2016Randomized clinical trial of facial acupuncture with or without body acupuncture for treatment of melasmaRerksuppaphol L.; Charoenpong T.; Rerksuppaphol S.
2012Randomized controlled trial of probiotics to reduce common cold in schoolchildrenRerksuppaphol S.; Rerksuppaphol L.
2004Ranitidine-enhanced 99m technetium pertechnetate imaging in children improves the sensitivity of identifying heterotopic gastric mucosa in Meckel's diverticulumRerksuppaphol S.; Hutson J.M.; Oliver M.R.
2012Rapid orocecal transit time in obese children measured by hydrogen breath testRerksuppaphol S.; Rerksuppaphol L.
2018Serum zinc levels in thai children with acute diarrhoeaRerksuppaphol S.; Na-Songkhla N.; Rerksuppaphol L.
2014Waist circumference, waist-to-height ratio and body mass index of thai children: Secular changes and updated reference standardsRerksuppaphol S.; Rerksuppaphol L.
2019Zinc deficiency in children with dengue viral infectionRerksuppaphol L.; Rerksuppaphol S.
2017Zinc supplementation enhances linear growth in school-aged children: A randomized controlled trialRerksuppaphol S.; Rerksuppaphol L.
2020Zinc supplementation in childhood diarrhoea: an integral part of managementRerksuppaphol L.; Rerksuppaphol S.
2016Zinc supplementation in children with asthma exacerbationRerksuppaphol S.; Rerksuppaphol L.