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dc.contributor.authorSiricharoenpanitch A.
dc.contributor.authorWiriyasart S.
dc.contributor.authorVengsungnle P.
dc.contributor.authorNaphon N.
dc.contributor.authorNaphon P.
dc.description.abstractTurbulent convective heat transfer and Fe3O4/water nanofluid flow behaviors in a corrugated tube were studied numerically. The numerical study was performed using the corrugated copper tube with a 10.70 mm inside diameter with a constant heat flux boundary condition. The finite volume approach was used to discretize the Eulerian two-phase model and then solve it using the SIMPLE technique. The effect of corrugated pitch and corrugated depth on the velocity vectors and temperature contours are presented and analyzed. It was found that the geometrical parameters (corrugated pitch and corrugated depth) have a significant effect on the velocity and temperature contours. In comparison to the plain tube, the maximum and minimum turbulent intensity enhancements are 1.40 and 1.06 times, respectively, also resulting in an increase in the Nusselt number enhancement. Simultaneously, due to more flow complexity and roughness augmentation, the flow resistance also increased. © 2021 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.
dc.subjectHeat convection
dc.subjectHeat flux
dc.subjectTubes (components)
dc.subjectCopper tubes
dc.subjectCorrugated tubes
dc.subjectFlow behaviours
dc.subjectFluted tube
dc.subjectHeat transfer and flows
dc.subjectHeat transfer behavior
dc.subjectNanofluid flow
dc.subjectTemperature contours
dc.subjectTurbulent convective heat transfers
dc.subjectWater nanofluids
dc.titleHeat Transfer and Flow Behaviors of Ferrofluid in Three-Start Helically Fluted Tubes
dc.identifier.bibliograpycitationHeat Transfer Engineering. Vol , No. (2021)
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