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Title: Thermal cooling enhancement of dual processors computer with thermoelectric air cooler module
Authors: Wiriyasart S.
Hommalee C.
Naphon P.
Keywords: Chassis
Computer workstations
Cooling systems
Energy utilization
Heat transfer performance
Oscillators (electronic)
Thermal management (electronics)
Air cooler
Air distribution
Dual processor computer
Dual processors
Load condition
Monitored parameters
Operating modes
Thermal cooling
Electronic cooling
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: The thermal cooling enhancement technique of dual processors workstation computer couple thermoelectric air cooler module is studied experimentally. The monitored parameters mainly focus on the computer load conditions, with and without thermoelectric air cooler module, cooling fan turns on/off modes, and different cooling fan sizes. In experiment process, the working computer load of 0-100% is performed. The temperature distribution inside the computer chassis depends on the density, position of the components inside the computer both active and passive components. It is found that the thermoelectric air cooler module has a significant effect on the air and the CPU temperatures of the dual processor computer. In addition, the operating modes, positions and sizes of the cooling fan have significant effect on air distribution inside the computer chassis. However, energy consumption is also increased. The results of this study are expected to lead to guidelines that will allow the design of the cooling system with improved heat transfer performance of the electronic equipment. © 2019 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd.
ISSN: 2214157X
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