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Title: Thermal management system of CPU cooling with a novel short heat pipe cooling system
Authors: Siricharoenpanich A.
Wiriyasart S.
Srichat A.
Naphon P.
Keywords: Cooling systems
Electronic cooling
Heat pipes
Porous materials
Temperature control
Thermoelectric equipment
CPU cooling
Electronics devices
Heat pipe cooling
Inclination angles
Maximum cooling capacity
Operating condition
Temperature variation
Thermal management systems
Thermal management (electronics)
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: Due to the limited space and power available in computers or electronics devices, heat pipes are ideally suited for cooling the high power chips. The thermal management system of computer with CPU cooling with short heat pipe cooling system has been investigated. Effects of the relevant parameters; inclination angle of heat pipe, with and without porous media, working fluid types and operating conditions of computer on the variation of CPU temperature are considered. In the experiments, R11, R134a and ethanol are selected as working fluids inside the heat pipe with constant 50% fill ratio. The variations of CPU temperature obtained from the heat pipe cooling system are compared with those from the conventional cooling system. It can be seen that the inclination angles of the heat pipe and physical properties of working fluids have significant effect on the cooling capacity which results in the CPU temperature variations. The heat pipe with porous media gives the CPU temperature lower than without porous media. The obtained results are expected to lead to guidelines that will allow the design of the thermal management system with optimized heat pipe cooling system for CPU cooling system with maximum cooling capacity. © 2019 The Authors.
ISSN: 2214157X
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