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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020ANFIS for analysis friction factor and Nusselt number of pulsating nanofluids flow in the fluted tube under magnetic fieldNaphon P.; Arisariyawong T.; Wiriyasart S.; Srichat A.
2021Experimental Study of the Effect of the Helical Ribs in a Spirally Coiled Tube on the Friction Reactor and the Nusselt Number of a Nanofluid Flow in itNaphon P.; Wiriyasart S.; Srichat A.
2021Numerical study on the nanofluid flows and temperature behaviors in the spirally coiled tubes with helical ribsNaphon P.; Wiriyasart S.; Prurapark R.; Srichat A.
2021Study on Thermal Efficiency of Salt Incubator with Waste Heat Recovery in the Rock Salt Boiling ProcessSrichat A.; Vengsungnle P.; Bootwong A.; Poojeera S.; Naphon P.
2020Thermal cooling system with Ag/Fe3O4nanofluids mixture as coolant for electronic devices coolingSiricharoenpanich A.; Wiriyasart S.; Srichat A.; Naphon P.
2019Thermal efficiency enhancement of thermoelectric module system for cold-hot water dispenser; Phase IIWiriyasart S.; Hommalee C.; Prurapark R.; Srichat A.; Naphon P.
2019Thermal management system of CPU cooling with a novel short heat pipe cooling systemSiricharoenpanich A.; Wiriyasart S.; Srichat A.; Naphon P.
2021Thermal performance analysis of a newly designed circular firewood boiling salt stoveSrichat A.; Kaewka W.; Vengsungnle P.; Wiriyasart S.; Naphon P.
2020Thermal performance of the photovoltaic-ventilated mixed mode greenhouse solar dryer with automatic closed loop control for Ganoderma dryingVengsungnle P.; Jongpluempiti J.; Srichat A.; Wiriyasart S.; Naphon P.